Payload Solutions
for Vector & Scorpion

Raptor Sensor

  • 1280x720 Global Shutter Visible Camera with 40x optical, 2x digital zoom 
  • Visible Camera FOV 60°WFOV –1.5°NFOV –0.75°DFOV 
  • LWIR/ NIR 1280×720 Camera 
  • Pitch for -45°to +80° 
  • Yaw/Roll for -180° to +180° 

HD40-LV Sensor

  • 720p Global Shutter Visible Camera with 10x optical zoom 
  • LWIR 640x480 Camera with 24mm lens 
  • Visible FOV: 54° – 4.9° 
  • Thermal FOV: 18.2° 
  • Laser Illuminator
  • 360° Gimbal movement

    Integration done right - easily exchangeable and accessible


    Easy and safe handling

    A push of a button is enough and the UAS will do its assigned job. The remote control has a clean layout without confusing switches and levers.

    Thanks to Quantum’s sophisticated electric VTOL design your investment is never in danger due to a flawed hand launch or a rough belly landing.


    Reliable and integrated design

    We designed our UAS as a product that meets the requirements of professionals. We started from scratch with a highly integrated industrial product in mind.

    You can see the result in every detail, such as the optimized electric layout, the efficient payload container or the finish of the outer shell. It truly showcases the best of German engineering.


    Easy payload swapping

    Payloads can easily be swapped in seconds by using the QuickLock mechanism. No tools are required and the sensors are highly integrated to support the pilots’ mission planning.


    Live streaming / onboard video processing

    All gimbal solutions are capable to live stream up to 5mb/s (H264 encoded). Integrated image stabilization and scene tracking come standard with all Vector & Scorpion Payloads.


    Easy availability worldwide

    All our payloads are Non-ITAR rated for ease of export


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