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Why Quantum-Systems?

large payloadLarge Payloads

We offer the highest quality sensors currently available and give you the flexibility to add new payloads as your needs change. The payload compartment can also be adapted to individual requirements. Even combinations of NDVI and RGB sensors are available.

best coverageBest Coverage

Aerodynamic and electrical efficiency paired with the latest lithium battery technology enable our UAVs to fly long distances for various (BVLOS) mission scenarios.

no runwaysNo Runways = eVTOL Capability

Our drones take off and land vertically (VTOL capability), from anywhere, no extra equipment needed! Just push a button and our fully integrated autopilot safely and efficiently flies for you.

Professional Quality made in GermanyProfessional Quality

Starting with the best materials, we precisely engineer every component and build in redundancy for unsurpassed reliability, ease of handling, and stable automatic flight. A modular system makes maintenance and replacement simple and cost-effective.

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