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No Compromise. Just Fly.

The Trinity combines high efficiency, flexible mission capabilities, and a small, portable footprint. The result is the world’s most compact VTOL fixed-wing drone available today!

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Payload in grams

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Easy and safe handlingEasy and safe handling

A push of a button is enough and the Trinity will do its assigned job. The remote controller has a clean layout without confusing switches and levers. The Trinity and the remote controller work together seamlessly to get your job done automatically, while still providing emergency override capabilities.

Thanks to Quantum’s sophisticated VTOL design, your investment is never in danger due to a flawed hand launch or a rough belly landing.

Longest flight time in its class Longest flight time in its class

The ability to switch to gliding mode enables the Trinity to directly benefit from an enhanced long range capability. We dedicated many hours to optimize the wing geometry to push the glide ratio to an astounding 14:1!

Using only one specially-designed motor in the rear fuselage increases the flight time far beyond current industrial UAVs by reducing energy consumption to a minimum.

Superior sensor and data results logoSuperior sensor and data results

We made sure that the integrated sensors are shock-protected and the SD cards are easily accessible from the outside. Both are powered by Trinity’s battery, and accurate geotagging is achieved by measuring the exact trigger point. The combination of hardware and software guarantees maximum precision and the best results of any competing solution.



Combining VTOL and fixed wing capabilities into an easy to use system gives you flexible operating areas and the ability to map larger areas than has ever been possible with conventional multicopters.

Blending the best parts of both multicopters and airplanes into one simple robust system was our goal from the initial concept to the completed design. The Trinity is our most compact, easy-to-use and flexible UAV today!

Reliable and integrated design logo

Reliable and integrated design

We designed the Trinity as a product that meets the requirements of professionals. We started from scratch with a highly integrated industrial product in mind.

You can see the result in every detail, such as the optimized electric layout, the efficient cargo container or the clean finish of the outer shell. It truely showcases the best of German engineering.

Small footprint logo

Small footprint

The Trinity comes “ready to fly” (RTF) in a moulded transport case which offers enough space for the whole package with room for two optional battery packs, accessories, and a tablet PC.

A padded cover with convenient carrying options makes it easy to transport the package to the farthest operation area. At a size of 100x83x27cm it can be stowed away easily.

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Trinity Lock Mechanism:

The Trinity Lock Mechanism (TLM) enables the operator to ready the whole system in a matter of seconds. No tools or special knowledge are required!

Material composition

The body is molded around a rigid carbon fiber structure. Thanks to Elapor® technology, the Trinity gains unsurpassed durability. This combination gives it the best value among professional SUAS now being sold.

Efficiency By Design

The three-rotor configuration enables the Trinity to achieve perfect VTOL capabilities and a highly-efficient long range flight. The perfect weight balance keeps the rear rotor in the ideal thrust-to-size ratio in both VTOL and forward flight modes.

In a nutshell: The Trinity uses less energy, achieves longer flight times and is an outstanding value for a professional drone.

Open Source Payload Compartment

The Trinity is the perfect platform for your industrial applications in the areas of agriculture, forestry, mining, and 3D reconstruction. If there is a use case we don’t cover yet, we work with our customers on individual solutions!

In order to support your project, we offer the 3D files of our cargo compartment for free to enable you to adapt it to your mission profile.

Experience the Trinity in 360° first person view

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"The Trinity combines efficiency and easy handling in a product for professionals."

Florian Seibel: CEO and founder of Quantum-Systems GmbH

Trinity Mission Area calculation

Covered area with SPC & APC Professional Package

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Technical data

Max. Take-off Weight4.5 kg (9.9 lbs)
Max. Flight Time60 min
Max. Range (Area)70 km = 500 ha
Command and Control Rangeup to 2 km (1.24 mi)
Payloadmax. 550 g (1. 2 lbs)
Cruise Speed17 m/s
Wind Resistance (ground wind)up to 7 m/s
Wind Resistance
(in cruise flight)
up to 12 m/s
Wingspan2.394 m (7.85 ft)
Transport Case Dimension1002 x 830 x 270 mm
(39.4 x 32.7 x 10.6 inch)

Remote Controller

Easy access via SD-Card Extension

Shock absorbing sensor mount



Battery Pack

Modem / Data Link

Transport Case