Peter Thiel, Project A, and Sanno Capital invest in German Drone Robotics Leader Quantum-Systems

Peter Thiel, Project A, and Sanno Capital invest in German Drone Robotics Leader Quantum-Systems

Germany, Munich, October 16th, 2022 – Quantum-Systems GmbH, an innovative developer, designer, and manufacturer of advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS), today announced the closing of a financing round with new investors Peter Thiel, Project A, and Sanno Capital.  
Founded in 2015, Quantum-Systems is at the forefront of UAS development. Its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) systems boast industry-leading flight endurance, ease of operation, and reliability. Customers in the public and private sectors alike use Quantum-Systems’ versatile UAS for security, defence, humanitarian, and geospatial operations.  
This injection of capital will accelerate the company’s R&D investment into artificial intelligence, autonomy, edge computing, and robotics, bringing a sophisticated software layer to Quantum-Systems’ advanced airframes. This round of funding also allows Quantum-Systems to more aggressively pursue sales to meet growing demand across Europe for sophisticated UAS, in sectors ranging from defence, to agriculture, to mining, to construction, to energy. Customers can use Quantum’s UAS in a variety of use cases, including search and rescue operations after natural disasters, automated railway inspections after severe weather, and for aerial data intelligence on large-scale construction operations.  

“The future of UAS is in neither software nor hardware alone, but in the intelligent synthesis of the two. With that understanding, Quantum-Systems is a leap ahead of its competition.”  

Peter Thiel

Technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist

American and Israeli companies have historically dominated the drone market. We are excited to see Quantum-Systems step up and provide a homegrown European solution that doesn’t sacrifice tech quality.
Uwe Horstmann

General Partner, Project A

Whether in agriculture, construction, or observation for humanitarian operations and reconnaissance, Quantum’s UAS cover an immense range of applications. The company offers the innovation potential to build the European champion in its field through best-in-class sensor solutions and AI.
Florian Moerth

CEO, Sanno Capital

The next chapter in our growth is taking our first-class hardware, which our customers love, and investing heavily in the software to bring it to the next level. That includes artificial intelligence, which will enhance our ability to provide situational awareness to our operators; edge computing, which facilitates real-time data processing onboard our UAS; and new elements in our mission planning software, which allows operators to orchestrate complex operations with the click of a button.
Florian Seibel

CEO, Quantum-Systems

Existing investor Bayern Kapital also participated in the round. With the addition of the new investors, early key investor 10x Group sees Quantum Systems as very well positioned to become the leading European UAS champion. 
About Quantum-Systems

Quantum-Systems specializes in the development, design, and production of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS). The company’s range of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) sUAS are built to maximize range and versatility and provide operators with a seamless user experience. By integrating cutting-edge software capabilities like edge computing and real-time AI-powered data processing, Quantum-Systems is building next-generation UAS for clients in security, defence, public safety, commercial, and geospatial operations across Europe. 

Quantum-Systems was founded in 2015 and is headquartered at Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen, 20 km west of Munich.

For more information about Quantum-Systems, visit 

Press Contact:
Claudia Steinhoff
Phone: +49 (0)8105 7709 128

FairFleet and Quantum-Systems partner to boost professional drone solutions.

FairFleet and Quantum-Systems partner to boost professional drone solutions.

FairFleet and Quantum-Systems, leading manufacturer of VTOL drone systems, recently signed a partnership agreement to increase the usage of VTOL systems within the global FairFleet pilot network, to meet the increased client needs.

With Quantum-Systems’ VTOL drone Trinity F90+ and FairFleet processing capabilities as joined force a complete aerial surveying solution can be offered — highly efficient aerial data collection, to postprocessing and analysis.

Through this exciting partnership, FairFleet now endorses Quantum-Systems’ Trinity F90+ as the preferred fixed-wing drone for large-scale projects where conventional copter UAVs lack the required endurance to perform the job efficiently.

Customers with large projects in real estate management, insurance or industrial inspections, will now be able to rely on over 3000 certified FairFleet pilots who will have better access to the Trinity F90+ as the right tool to efficiently and safely capture the necessary data.

The agreement includes a commitment of Quantum-Systems to offer complete drone mapping kits for registered FairFleet pilots. FairFleet will encourage professional pilots globally to the preferred use of Quantum-System hardware. In addition, FairFleet will support Quantum in the further development of hardware and equipment directly from the field. Direct feedback from FairFleet pilots will lead to even more efficient hardware and software solutions. A win-win situation for Quantum-Systems, FairFleet and the drone economy.

FairFleet will offer Quantum-Systems products through their existing pilot database

We’re thrilled to officially partner with Quantum-Systems and make a fixed-wing VTOL drone available to our pilot base. We’re looking forward to deepening this partnership and continue to develop industry solutions for our clients, making professional drone services and data analysis even more accessible for everyone! The entire drone economy will benefit from this great partnership between a leading hardware manufacturer and a leading solution provider.

Alexander Engelfried

Co-founder & Managing Director, FairFleet

The partnership with FairFleet enables thousands of pilots worldwide to use our products and learn about the advantages they offer. We are sure that we can contribute to more efficient use of drone technology in many projects. Together, Quantum-Systems and FairFleet can offer a complete ecosystem of hardware, software and services and we are very excited to see the results of this cooperation.

Florian Seibel

CEO, Quantum-Systems GmbH

In response to the growing demand for VTOL fixed-wing combined technology, FairFleet chose Quantum-Systems as a partner, due to many of its outstanding features, including proven results, ease of use and longevity. VTOL technology offers the unique ability to fly as efficiently as a fixed-wing airplane but allow for the easy vertical take-off and landing like a multi-rotor drone. No runway and no extra equipment are needed for take-off or landing. This means reduced harm to the sUAS and sensors for an extended product life as well as maximum safety for the pilot/operator.

FairFleet will support Quantum-Systems in the development and in field testing of new hardware, systems, or flight patterns. The great experience of more than 10,000 flights in the past years will provide great value to the product development team at Quantum-Systems and to find innovative solutions to client requirements around the globe.

About FairFleet

FairFleet is a full-service provider for drone powered solutions. FairFleet offers all types of aerial data, from marketing shots to data-driven, automatically generated inspection reports for insurance and various other industries, like Real Estate, Mapping, Surveying and Energy.

FairFleet is dedicated to serve both clients and pilots – with custom business integrations to image and video post-production as well as intelligent data analytics services. Currently, their network consists of more than 3000 professional drone pilots in over 85 countries.

Press Contact:

Phone Number: +49 (0) 89 51919916

About Quantum-Systems

Quantum-Systems GmbH develops and deploys small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for the geospatial community (commercial product line) and the defense, security, and intelligence community (governmental product line), providing unprecedented data quality, efficiency, and operational usability. 

The fully autonomous sUAS with AI edge computing capabilities enable its users to capitalise on the emerging megatrend of autonomous sUAS data acquisition solutions that will open entirely new markets and applications. All Quantum-Systems sUAS combine eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) capabilities with long-range utilising electrical and aerodynamic efficiency. 

The continuous integration of state-of-the-art sensors into the systems allows for increased aerial data intelligence. 

Press Contact: 
Claudia Steinhoff,, +49 8105 7709128

Reseller Spotlight – Duncan Parnell

Reseller Spotlight – Duncan Parnell

​Today we would like to introduce Duncan Parnell Inc. as our new reseller in the USA with 16 offices from Florida to Virginia. Welcome to Reseller Spotlight!

With over 76 years of experience and expertise, customers in the surveying, engineering, mapping, and construction industries will be serviced and provided with Quantum-Systems products and services.

Can you tell us about the history and background of your company?

Not many businesses reach the 76-year mark, and even fewer family-owned businesses do. So, to say we’re honored to reach this milestone is a major understatement.

In 1946 Duncan-Parnell was founded by World War II vet, Charlie Duncan, as a blueprint and drafting supplier in Charlotte, NC. Over the past 76 years Duncan-Parnell has risen to become a trusted supplier to construction contractors, engineers, surveyors, architects and designers. The evolution of our business and ability to adapt and diversify is why we’ve been able to survive the trials and tribulations of the past 76 years. We’ve sustained ourselves through multiple recessions and we’re grateful to continue navigating the ever-changing landscape caused by a global pandemic.

At Duncan Parnell, we look for capabilities and services with outstanding features for our customers. We chose Quantum systems because it is currently the only light, fixed wing VTOL UAS that has an integrated LIDAR payload.
We are excited to see what projects we can support with this product for our customers!

Miles Kelly

UAS Business Development, Duncan Parnell Inc.

Not only has Duncan-Parnell’s product and service offerings expanded over the years, but our team has too. Three generations later, our current President and CEO Mark Duncan continues to run Duncan-Parnell following the principals we were founded on and our team has grown to over 160 employees. We’ve also since expanded to 16 different branch locations, ranging all the way from Florida to Virginia!

Our growth over the past 76 years has allowed us to better reach and serve customers throughout the Southeast and we couldn’t be more honored to reach this milestone.

Direct Contact:

Dedicated Sales Rep –
Miles Kelly
UAS Business Development

Duncan-Parnell, Inc.
1208 Copeland Oaks Dr.
Morrisville, NC 27560
Mobile/Direct – 919.441.2710

Office Location:

Corporate Office –

900 South McDowell St.
Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: (800) 849-7708

Quantum-Systems and Rocketmine enter into strategic partnership

Quantum-Systems and Rocketmine enter into strategic partnership

Quantum-Systems GmbH and Africa’s leading drone services provider, Rocketmine, a member of Delta Drone International (DLTI) enter into strategic partnership to expand drone-based service offering across the continent and Australia 


Both market leading companies note an increasing demand for drones-based LiDAR solutions and partner to enable clients exploiting the full potential of this technology  


MUNICH, Germany, and JOHANNESBURG, South Africa— March 01, 2022 — Quantum-Systems, an innovative developer, and producer of advanced eVTOL UAVs officially announced today a strategic partnership with leading drones as-a-service provider, Rocketmine to meet the growing demand for actionable, aerial Light Ranging and Detection (LiDAR) data across the African continent and Australia.   

Having deployed the innovative technology solutions across multiple countries and projects over several years, Rocketmine’s expertise as a drone-technology leader and service to the African continent’s biggest companies is unsurpassed.  

The use of a LiDAR scanner as remote sensing method generates precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its surface characteristics. This kind of fast actionable data is crucial for mine operators when calculating stock volumes and for other measurements.  Historically, aerial LiDAR has been a technology that could only be deployed by manned aircraft such as helicopters or planes. 

Quantum-Systems introduced the Qube 240 LiDAR sensor in 2021, which has been transformative for the industry since, offering attractive applications for several operations. The Qube 240 produces survey grade results, weighs only 930g, and can be mounted on the Trinity F90+ eVTOL fixed-wing UAV.

Use Case – Precise large scale terrain mapping under tropical rain forest with the Qube 240 LiDAR and Trinity F90+ UAV

Creation of a Digital Terrain Model using a LiDAR sensor in cooperation with Rocketmine

As a technology agnostic company and being an early adopter at the same time, Rocketmine always deploys best in class technology and solutions for their clients’ missions in challenging and complex African environments. This strategy brought them together with Quantum-Systems, an innovation-driven company, pushing new technologies to market.  

Quantum-Systems joined Rocketmine on their RocketTechTour in September 2021 for extensive deployment of the Quantum-Systems portfolio. Over 24 days and 3,000 km of travel, 15 missions were completed, 14 flight hours conducted, and three different sensors deployed, including the Qube240 LiDAR sensor, and more than two (2) Terabytes of survey grade LiDAR data was captured.

The operations on the tech tour were successful, proving the usability, accuracy, and quality of Quantum-Systems products.   

As Camron Pfafferot, Rocketmine’s Head of Sales and Marketing says: “Rocketmine is currently backed by major multinationals in agriculture, mining, and security for leading aerial data services in Africa. Quantum-Systems brings increased capabilities to our existing service offering and is disrupting the manned LiDAR model through more agility, cost efficiency and versatility.  Through Rocketmine’s experience in South, East, West and North Africa, its global 4th ranking (Droneii), current and future clients are now in a position to benefit significantly from our long-range drone LiDAR turnkey offerings.”  

The successful testing period led to the conclusion of the global enterprise agreement, solidifying the relationship between both companies.

Learn more:
How LiDAR is transforming exploration in West Africa

We are very excited about this strategic partnership! In Rocketmine, we have found a partner who confirms the performance and quality of our products daily. The team around Christopher Clark and Camron Pfafferott is very open to new technology, but they also test it to its limits before adding it to their service offering. For an innovation-driven company like Quantum-Systems, partnerships like this are invaluable.

Florian Seibel

CEO, Quantum-Systems GmbH

By combining expertise, Rocketmine can bring state of the art technology and service to its customers in Africa, Australia, and beyond offering an all-in-one solution that no one else has been able to offer to clients in that region before. 

Rocketmine’s drone-based LiDAR solutions are based on the best available technology globally. We have developed deep expertise in deploying advanced systems in challenging and diverse conditions across Africa over many years, and are to provide actionable drone-based data to clients. This partnership with Quantum-Systems enables us to continue providing an unmatched level of service and expertise to some of the world’s leading companies active in mining, security, agriculture and more.

Christopher Clark

Managing Director, Rocketmine and CEO, Delta Drone International

About Rocketmine 

Rocketmine, a member of DeltaDrone International (DLTI), provides professional drone survey & mapping data services to corporate customers predominantly in the mining, agriculture, and security sectors.  

A Delta Drone International subsidiary, Rocketmine is in charge of developing the Group’s “mines” solution. Operating predominantly in Africa and Australia, Rocketmine provides the daily topographic data essential to surveyors for mine management. The solution can digitize entire sites, including infrastructures, for the gradual construction of a 3-D digital model.  

Delta Drone International has ranked fourth in Drone Industry Insights Top Global Drone Service Providers for 2021.

About Quantum-Systems

Quantum-Systems GmbH develops and deploys small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for the geospatial community (commercial product line) and the defense, security, and intelligence community (governmental product line), providing unprecedented data quality, efficiency, and operational usability. 

The fully autonomous sUAS with AI edge computing capabilities enable its users to capitalise on the emerging megatrend of autonomous sUAS data acquisition solutions that will open entirely new markets and applications. All Quantum-Systems sUAS combine eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) capabilities with long-range utilising electrical and aerodynamic efficiency. 

The continuous integration of state-of-the-art sensors into the systems allows for increased aerial data intelligence. 

Press Contact: 
Claudia Steinhoff,, +49 8105 7709128

Advanced training for DLR staff on Vector & Scorpion UAS as part of the LiveLage Project

Advanced training for DLR staff on Vector & Scorpion UAS as part of the LiveLage Project

At the beginning of July, within the framework of the already existing cooperation between Quantum-Systems and German Aerospace Center DLR, the LiveLage Project, selected DLR employees were given further training on our Vector & Scorpion UAV systems.

Driven by requirements from emergency services, the desire arose to develop an optical system for fast, precise optical reconnaissance of large-scale damage and disaster situations that can be integrated into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and provide this data in real-time. The LiveLage project was born:

The LiveLage Project in detail

The Security Research and Applications Department of the Institute of Optical Sensor Systems of the DLR is developing new technologies for the rapid reconnaissance of large-scale damage and disaster situations from the air. Current optical technologies are to be combined with the possibilities of new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as Vector and Scorpion to enable operational support for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS).

Training for DLR staff on Vector & Scorpion UAS

Vector and Scorpion were selected as a carrier platform

The platforms will be used as carriers for a specially developed camera by the DLR, more specific the Institute for Optical Sensor Systems (OS). The Modular Aerial Camera System (MACS) will enable real-time tactical mapping. This development on the part of DLR runs hand in hand with the Helmholtz Innovation Lab OPTSAL, whose goal is the application-oriented testing of novel, optical technologies in combination with the UAS from Quantum-Systems.
The Optical Technologies for Situational Awareness Lab (OPTSAL) is a Helmholtz Innovation Lab at the DLR Institute for Optical Sensor Systems in Berlin/Germany.

The Duisburg fire brigade is the first fire brigade in Germany to test VTOL drones since 2018. It started with the Quantum-Systems Tron and now the Vector as a successor product.

Duisburg Fire Brigade is the first partner in Germany to test the system

The Duisburg fire brigade is taking on the role of being able to prove the system’s operational capability under real conditions. A Vector UAS will be used in combination with the MACS.

Particularly in the case of accident scenes that are difficult to reach from a traffic point of view, the overview of the situation gained in this way helps the emergency control team to coordinate the number of emergency forces, in addition to saving time through the image data transmitted via the real-time tactical mapping capabilities of the MACS.

Just recently, the special department for drone operations of the Duisburg fire brigade was our guest. Training with our Vector platform for scenarios like above was on the agenda.

Training for the UAV Team of the Duisburg Fire Brigade on Vector & Scorpion UAS

Real-time mapping is a key element for all project partners

Another cooperation partner is Drones4Good, in which DLR is involved with the setup of MACS and Quantum-Systems Vector.

Drones4Good is about the development of suitable AI methods for the rapid evaluation of MACS aerial images. For example, it should be possible to automatically detect people and damage to roads and buildings in real-time. DLR-OS employees have been part of the non-profit aid organization ISAR-Germany since 2016, and the Vector UAS and MACS are to be used to support relief efforts during international rescue missions after devastating natural disasters. There have been three joint missions so far: October 2017 in Mexico, October 2018 in Indonesia, August 2020 in Beirut

Working together as project partners to create something new

Cooperation between different institutions from the private sector, government, and research is essential to lay the groundwork for new products. The rapid development steps and willingness to take risks of the participating partners to achieve the best results as cost-effectively as possible in a short time favors agile companies like Quantum-Systems.

For example, the use of drones in disaster control and rescue operations is still in its infancy for all parties involved. There is also a need for new technology in the special and often time-critical scenarios, such as the real-time tactical mapping function of MACS. This is also the reason why the state government is interested in providing financial support and promoting the project.

As Quantum-Systems, we are proud of this partnership and hope to gain additional knowledge to further enable our UAV platforms for rescue operations!

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