Easy planning with just a few clicks

QBase 3D 

Intuitive Mission Planning

Mission Planning. Flight Monitoring. Data Post-processing. 

QBase 3D is the most convenient platform to plan aerial survey missions with Quantum-Systems UAS. It automatically generates efficient flight paths after the observation areas and the mission parameters have been defined with just a few clicks. This allows the operator to be up and flying within no-time, saving valuable resources. For advanced missions, the pilot is in complete control over the photogrammetric 
aerial survey mission and can adjust all relevant parameters to generate professional and optimum

During flight mode, QBase 3D provides accurate information on aircraft and mission status to ensure flight safety and mission success.  

After mission completion, QBase 3D enables processing of the captured images, precision enhancement with the built-in PPK solution and export of all metadata to file formats suitable for a variety of platforms for further post-processing. 

QBase Tactical

ISR Missions. Real-time reconnaissance. After action analysis.

QBase Tactical was designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of governmental agencies, like law enforcement or the military. It supports QuickStart missions, with no prior work required. Just power up the aircraft and take off.
The change between Vector and Scorpion configuration is automatically detected and supported seamlessly with automatic adjustment of flight and mission parameters. The same applies when the payload on the UAS is exchanged.
QBase Tactical allows intuitive control of aircraft and sensor via hardware joysticks, clicks on the map or in-flight mission updates. Sensor data is immediately displayed and enhanced with additional metadata to increase situational awareness and mission success.
All aircraft or sensor data received on the Ground Control Station (GCS) is stored in one database per mission. This supports in flight replays, the review of critical events, as well as after flight analysis. A database file can be enhanced with markers on the map and in the sensor image during flight or afterwards and shared with third parties. In addition, export of still images and videos is possible.

QBase Tactical helps covertly operating UAS pilots in multiple ways. Automatic tracking and guidance modes let the aircraft follow your target with a programmable distance to ensure image quality, while minimizing risk of detection. Display of wind direction, sound level and aircraft shadow on the ground supports you to fulfill each mission undetected.


More safety through 3D planning.

The integrated 3D view is an efficient tool to plan precisely and to keep the overview during flight. 

Various applications supported.

The combination of Quantum-System UAS with QBase 3D helps surveyors, farmers, scientists, quarrymen, civil engineers, and geologists to focus on their professional application.

PPK Data Processing.

Easily export your PPK processed data with direct compatiblity of Pix4D, AgiSoft, Propeller and Trimble Business Center for further post-processing. 

Easy to stay up to date.

QBase 3D automatically notifies you when a new software release is available. The update can be done simply by the click of a button. 

Simple and fast operation.

All mission relevant steps from planning to flying can be carried out intuitively.
Quantum-System UAVs combined with QBase3D help surveyors, farmers, scientists, quarrymen, civil engineers and geologists to focus on their application, allowing them to just fly!

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The provided version of QBase 3D has all the features that our customers can use.


The 3D area planning feature provides the automatic creation of flight plans in sloped and mountainous areas. It uses high resolution digital elevation data (e.g. SRTM) to create collision free and energy optimized trajectories for an optimal data quality result.


The corridor planning function creates optimized flight plans for mapping infrastructures like roads, railways and power lines. It optimizes the flight segments according to the terrain altitude as well as the camera characteristics.


The ADS-B data of other aircraft can now be visualized in QBase to preserve the UAV operator‘s situational awareness. Furthermore, QBase performs a risk and collision assessment and offers operator support to prevent collisions. These features enable safe BVLOS flights and missions within controlled airspaces.
Select a payload and the presets for data accuracy and define a mission area with just a few clicks. QBase 3D calculates the mission including the necessary fligh t legs. The final mission check ensures all parameters are correct. It can be as easy.
Follow the UAS setup procedure. After connecting the battery and booting the UAS, the mission can be transferred wirelessly to the autopilot. During the preflight check, the autopilot will verify and approve the mission. The VTOL capability requires no additional equipment or interaction, just launch the system by the push of a button.
There is no pilot interaction necessary while airborne. If circumstances require you to alter the flight path, e.g. an evasive maneuver, you can take over manually using the RC or ground station. The UAS will resume the mission afterwards. QBase 3D always shows the UAS telemetry data, like speed, position, state of battery charge, and pictures taken to ensure mission success.
The fly logs are downloaded to a PC that is connected to the UAS after landing. With the help of this data it is possible to geotag the imagery files on the SD-Card. The geotagged photos are the basic framework for every data analysis with 3rd party programs. Alternatively, QBase 3D supports export of all relevant data to various post-processing applications in their native format.

QBase 3D // System requirements

Operating System
System Memory
Free Disk Space
Windows 10 64bit
2.5 Ghz Dual Core (Quad Core or higher recommended)
min 2 GB
500MB (SSD drive recommended)
24-bit-color depth
1600 x 900 or higher at 96 dpi
Integrated graphics card (256 MB ram is recommended) (Dedicated NVIDIA, AMD and Intel GPUs are recommended and supported)

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