The 2in1 Vertical Take-off Reconnaissance UAV

The next Generation

of eVTOL fixed-wing UAVs

The mathematical definition of a vector fits very well for the latest UAV from Quantum-Systems. It can face any direction: upward, forward or down. That’s exactly what Vector  from Quantum-Systems is capable to do. Vertical take-off. Energy efficient long range fixed wing flight and back to a vertical landing. All automatic, no pilot or operator input needed – Just fly.

VECTOR – The 2in1 vertical take-off reconnaissance UAV

Flexible and enduring, the Vector provides flight and surveillance characteristics that are exceeding performance of current UAV platforms in service all over the world.

The ability to operate in the most difficult terrain (VTOL) combined with extremely low noise emission (motor off silent mode) makes the Vector the perfect UAV for a wide range of non invasive aerial operations. 

An encrypted mesh IP link sends video streams up to a range of 15+ km. A flight time of up to 120 minutes speaks for itself. All combined in a compact and robust electric VTOL UAV.

The 2in1 System design opens up further applications with the “Scorpion” configuration – By removing the wings and attaching a separate set of copter arms a dedicated multi copter platform becomes available for an even wider variety of mission applications. Either use a VTOL fixed-wing or a conventional copter – in both cases you only need one system to train on and to deploy it on site.


eVTOL UAS with extended flight time


Intuitive planning and execution


AES-Encrypted mesh IP data link


Fixed-Wing Design

Swipe_Vector Swipe_Scorpion

The 2in1 System - The best of both worlds

The 2in1 System - The best of both worlds

The features in detail

Shock absorbing Landing Gear

landing gear with integrated shock suspension

Rain & dust protected airspeed sensor

Rain & dust protected airspeed sensor

Heated Smart Battery Pack

  • 4x redundant lithium ion batteries
  • UN 38.1 certified
Vector Smart Battery Pack

AES-Encrypted Data Link 15+ km

Encrypted AES data link

Detachable gimbal

swappable paylaod modules

Efficient cruise propeller

efficient cruise propeller

Efficient hover propellers

propeller in cruise mode

Sophisticated cooling system

advanced cooling solution

Quick Lock System

Quick Lock System close up


In order to provide relevant intelligence for better decision making we integrate high value sensors with powerful optics while keeping size and weight at a minimum. The result is state of the art stability combined with unmatched robustness.

Thanks to its modular concept, the front section of Vector & Scorpion can be equipped with different payloads.

Raptor Sensor

  • 1280x720 Global Shutter Visible Camera with 40x optical, 2x digital zoom 
  • Visible Camera FOV 60°WFOV –1.5°NFOV –0.75°DFOV 
  • LWIR/ NIR 1280×720 Camera 
  • Pitch for -45°to +80° 
  • Yaw/Roll for -180° to +180° 

HD40-LV Sensor

  • 720p Global Shutter Visible Camera with 10x optical zoom 
  • LWIR 640x480 Camera with 24mm lens 
  • Visible FOV: 54° – 4.9° 
  • Thermal FOV: 18.2° 
  • Laser Illuminator
  • 360° Gimbal movement


    Thanks to QBase 3D, all mission relevant steps from planning to execution can be carried out intuitively by a single person. QBase 3D automatically generates efficient flight paths after the flight area and the mission parameters have been defined with a few clicks. It is also possible to launch Vector or Scorpion without having planned a mission beforehand in order to be operational quickly.

    Our self-developed software allows you to dynamically adjust the mission in flight to mark targets on the map or in video before, during or after the mission, to show or detect critical points.

    QBase 3D records the full mission on the GCS (including video and aircraft data) and replays it at any time, while recording is continued. The software supports the operator with warnings when the aircraft is about to exceed its limits. Overwriting them is always possible if the mission requires it – Just fly.


    The included ground control station (GCS) is a high-performance x86 based PC in a rugged case with haptic control elements and touch screen functionality.

    The display is anti-reflective and guarantees optimum sharpness of detail even under the most adverse lighting conditions. Thanks to a resistive screen, interaction in rain or with gloves is possible.


    When disassembled, Scorpion and Vector can be transported comfortably and safely by one person. Only a few steps are required to get the systems ready for use.

    As standard, the transport case has external dimensions of 850x470x280 mm. It is IP67 (submersible and floating) certified and therefore suitable for the most adverse conditions. As an option, it is also possible to use the all-terrain backpack.


    Radio communication, which meets the requirements of modern applications like search and rescue, anti-poaching, wildlife observation and maintenance of industrial facilities requires more range, data throughput and reliability than ever before. Self-healing, digital link management and automatic rerouting are no longer just options. They are a must. That is why Quantum-Systems uses a state of the art encrypted mesh IP link which delivers unprecedented performance never seen before in challenging environments.

    The data link hardware consists of a robust handheld unit on the ground and an OEM module onboard the UAV. Sector antennas can boost the range to 25+ km. No tracking antenna or moving parts are necessary.

    This setup enables an 128/256 bit AES encrypted 10+Mbit data stream and up to 25+ km (sector antennas) video and command & control range.

    The hardware is optimized for tactical applications and comes in rugged, IP 67 rated casings. It uses sophisticated MIMO mesh network technology. The data link control is fully integrated into QBase 3D including link and power management.

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    Technical specifications:

    • Selectable channel bandwidth: 5, 10, 20 MHz[
    • Different frequencies from 400 MHz – 6 GHz available
    • Encryption: DES56, AES/GCM 128/256
    • Data rate: up to 100 Mbps (adaptive)
    • Output power: 1mW – 4W (up to 8W with sector antennas)
    • Latency: 7ms average (20MHz BW)
    • Sensitivity: -99 dBm @ 5MHz BW
    • Battery life: Up to 12h (for handheld)
    • IP 67 housing

    Select your UAS mission scenario

    Providing information for validating decisions with a non invasive approach is only one of the main possible use cases for Vector & Scorpion.

    The advanced EO & IR sensors provide a significant benefit for rescue and emergency services. This real time information is vital such scenarios.


    Search & Rescue


    Mountain Rescue


    Anti Poaching


    Fire fighting & Fire prevention


    Traffic investigation & Surveillance


    Search for buried subjects

    Technical Specs VECTOR UAV

    Max. Take-off Weight7.4 kg | 16.3 lb
    Max. Flight TimeUp to 120 minutes
    Command and Control Range15+ km (handheld unit); 25+ km (sector antennas)
    PayloadHD40-LV EO/IR & NightHawk2-UZ EO/IR
    Cruise Speed15 – 25 m/s | 29 – 39 kn
    Wind Resistance max. 12 m/s | 23 kn
    Wingspan2.80 m | 9.2 ft
    Transport Case Dimension0.85 x 0.47 x .028 m


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