Sony UMC-R10C

RGB Camera

The Sony UMC-R10C camera with 20.1 MP is used as an entry level RGB camera throughout the mapping industry.

This sensor is ideal for capturing high-quality images to create maps or 3D models. With its CMOS type image sensor the UMC-R10C delivers quality images even in low light conditions.

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Sony UMC-R10C
Technical Specification

Sensor resolution 20.1 MP (5456 x 3632 px)
GSD 2.66 cm @100m AGL
Trigger interval 1.1 seconds
Pixel pitch 4.25 μm
Sensor size 23.2 x 15.4 mm
Sensor type CMOS
Sensor format APS-C
Lens f=16 mm, F2.8
Shutter type Focal plane
Paylaod weight RTF 429 g
Storage SD card (external slot)


Sample Data Details

C3 Class Identification Label

Flight altitude:

100 m | 328 ft AGL

C3 Class Identification Label

Flight speed:

17 m/s
C3 Class Identification Label


2,66 cm/px