Qube 240

LiDAR Scanner

The Qube 240 is a geomatics grade LiDAR providing essential information by generating an accurate point cloud of the processed environment through 240,000 distance measurements per second.

The Qube 240 produces outstanding absolute accuracy that is achieved with the help of the integrated Applanix APX15 INS. It generates precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the earth and its surface characteristics.

This data is crucial for mine operators when calculating stock volumes, operators when calculating stock volumes, for energy companies when inspecting power lines, elevation models of ground under dense vegetation, or for feed biomass calculation. LiDAR technology allows for mapping infrastructure and surveying large areas also at night.

Qube 240 LiDAR

Qube 240
Technical Specification

Wavelength 905 mm
Maximum altitude 140 m AGL
Suggested altitude 100 m AGL
Precision 1.8 – 2.5 cm*
Accuracy < 3 cm**
Scanner field of view 70°
Shots per second 240,000
Point density @ 100 m 50 – 100 points/m²
Multi-echo technology up to 3 choes per shot
payload weight RTF 949 g
Flight time 60 minutes
  • Class 1 (Eye Safe)
  • Applanix POSPacTM UAV, GNSS and INS software for PPK (license for one year included)
  • YellowScan Cloudstation Software to generate survey grade LAS files (license must be bought separately)


* Precision, also called reproducibility or repeatability, accounts for the variation in successive measurements taken on the same target.
**Accuracy is the degree of conformity of a measured position to its actual (true) value.

Key Benefits of the Qube 240 LiDAR Payload:

Efficient, high-resolution, and perfectly aligned

A perfect match of high-resolution point clouds surveyed with 5 parallel runs at 100m altitude above ground. The result shows the perfect alignment of the separate runs with an extremely low level of noise. The Trinity F90+ was mapping an area of 50ha in about 10 minutes of flight time.

Cube 240 LIDAR Payload

Elevations surveyed without compromise

The elevation measured from 100m above ground. The excavator in the lower right corner is a good example to illustrate the resolution and precision of the Qube 240 LiDAR. The terrain, as well as buildings and vegetation such as trees, are also clearly visible.

Cube 240 LIDAR Payload

Automatic classification of ground points

The bench of the quarry pond in the lower part of the images is clearly shown. The Qube 240 with 3 echoes and 240.000 points per second provides a great penetration of the vegetation and therefore this LiDAR system is the right tool to survey terrain covered by trees and bushes.

Cube 240 LIDAR Payload

“Impressive is the point density, even under vegetation and the low noise of the data. The sample data we collected so far also contains several GCPs some of which were covered with snow or are on loose ground and were measured 2 years ago. Nevertheless, one can see the extremely high accuracy of the system.

The balanced representation of the intensity values of the point cloud is also striking. These values are in any case better than the intensity values of comparable or even more expensive systems, like Velodyne PUK32 systems.”

Martin Herkommer

Senior Sales Manager, Quantum-Systems GmbH

Sample Data Details

C3 Class Identification Label

Flight altitude:

80 m | 126 ft AGL

C3 Class Identification Label

Flight speed:

18 m/s

C3 Class Identification Label


118 pts/sqm

Clearly visible terrain and building structures by day and night

Dense Qube 240 point cloud colorized by intensity values showing the reflectance of the terrain or ground objects. The brighter the color the more reflectance of the LiDAR beams by the terrain, vegetation, or urban structures. The photovoltaic panels on the rooftops are clearly visible. The intensity values are completely independent of sunlight. Thanks to the fact that the LiDAR technology is an active sensor, mapping infrastructure and surveying large areas is also possible at night.


Cube 240 LIDAR Payload

CAD reconstruction made easy

The point clouds captured by the Qube 240 are 100% survey grade and this example shows CAD reconstruction of buildings as used for 3D city models. Thanks also to our reseller ProgeaSky for their support in post-processing.