Use Case - Health index of a citrus plantation

Polk Drones / USA

The setting

Polk Drones is hired by a crop insurance provider for mapping citrus groves all over the state of Florida. Before the use of the Trinity F90+ they manually counted the trees with the help of a “clicker.”

Polk Drones has automated the process and also provides tree health. With the Trinity F90+ they have flown 22.000 acres over the past 5 months. The groves are inspected every 5 years.

Facts & Figures

80 m AGL | 262.5 ft
Flight time:
78 min
5.5 cm / Pixel
Micasense Rededge-MX
0,64 km2 | 64 ha
3 – 5 m/s | 9.8 – 16.4 kn
Pictures taken
Side 80 %
Forward 60 %

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