Use Case - Coal pit aerial mapping

Pt. Byte Geo Solusi / Indonesia

The setting

Client: Pt. Adaro Indonesia
Region: Tanjung Tabalong
Project: Site/coal pit aerial mapping

The aerial mapping of the Adaro owned Paringin mine in the Tanjung Tabalong region of Borneo / Indonesia provided several benefits for everyone involved. In terms of service scope, scale and speed the Trinity UAV impressed during the mapping process.

The use of drones in open-cast mining guarantees maximum safety for the pilot in addition to the cost-effective application, as the pilot does not need to be present on the premises.

Pt. Adaro: “The Trinity from Quantum-Systems is characterized by efficiency, compatibility and security in the application”.

Facts & Figures

200 m AGL 

Flight time:
55 min


6,2 cm/ 2.44 in


Sony UMC-R10C 16mm


4,6 km2 / 460 ha


6 m/s / 11.7 kn

Pictures taken



Side 80 %
Forward 70 %

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