Quantum-Systems Tron Custom Payload & Configurations

Tron F9 Custom Payload Configuration

With its large payload compartment and wingspan of 3.5 meters the Tron is able to provide a safe option for payloads up to 2 kg / 4.41 pounds. The high payload allows the Tron to operate as an ideal platform for LIDAR applications

If applications require a little bit more than the Trinity can offer, the Tron will be the right platform for you.

Survey Payload Compartment (SPC) – RGB Cameras

Sony RX1 RII

The Sony RX1 RII is a lightweight, fast focusing camera with a remarkable lens for collecting pictures with an excellent image quality. The details and the color rendition impress with exceptional quality. A 35 mm lens, a 42 MP full frame sensor satisfy even the highest demands (e.g. GSD: 1,3 cm at 100m flight altitude)

You need very high precision in your mapping tasks? This sensor will not disappoint you!

Payload example: LIDAR Integration

in 2017 Quantum-Systems started a cooperation with YellowScan in order to successfully integrate an airborne LiDAR system
The Tron LIDAR payload compartment has been designed to integrate the YellowScan Surveyor & Surveyor Ultra LiDAR scanner. This Airborne LIDAR Survey Bundle allows survey missions up to 90 minutes with a 180 degree field of view at altitudes up to 80m above ground.

This solution gives the Tron a full range of LiDAR capabilities and enhances the range of geospatial solutions for our customers.

YellowScan Surveyor & Surveryor Ultra

 Yellowscan SurveyorYellowscan Surveyor Ultra
Precision4 cm5 cm
Typical operating altitude10 - 80 m10 - 120 m
Accuracy5 cm10 cm
Weight (Battery included)1.6 Kg1.7 Kg
Power Consumption15 W19 W
Autonomy2 hours typ.1.2 hours typ.
Communication220 Channels GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, RTK and PPK mode available
Dimensions (cm)L 10 x W 15 x H 14L 11,6 x W 15 x H 14
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Base Image by Google MapsLiDAR Image Quantum Trn & YellowScan Surveyor 2017

The key features are:

  • Fast and accurate data collection / night and day
  • Corridor mapping with true 160° field of View
  • Digital Terrain models below Trees and Forest
  • Higher point cloud density and accuracy
  • Full integration with other mobile and terrestrial LiDAR data
  • More options related to data collection altitude, speed and coverage
  • Faster and flexible turnaround of airborne LiDAR for project applications
The combination of the YellowScan Surveyor and Surveyor Ultra with the Quantum-Systems Tron allows for extraordinary efficiency and accuracy to support asset management needs for numerous industries.
Quantum-Systems has designed aerial survey solutions for several years and developed considerable expertise with these tools and techniques.

With the addition of the state-of-the-art YellowScan Surveyor  and Surveyor Ultra airborne LiDAR system to our payload capabilities, the combination of three different modes of survey data collection offers a full range of survey payload compartments and enhances the ability to provide complete geospatial solutions.

The union of photogrammetric cameras, multispectral sensors and airborne LIDAR offers a powerful set of tools ready to use!

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Tron Mission Area calculation

Covered area with SPC & APC Professional Package
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