Quantum-Systems Tron Custom Payload & Configurations

Tron Custom Payload Configuration

With its large payload compartment and wingspan of 3.5 meters the Tron is able to provide a safe option for payloads up to 2 kg / 4.41 pounds.

If applications require a little bit more than the Trinity can offer, the Tron will be the right platform for you. In the past we successfully integrated multiple RGB and NDVI sensors for advanced agriculture research.

Here is an example of the Trons performance when equipped with our standard sensors.

Tron Mission Area calculation

Covered area with SPC & APC Professional Package

Payload example: LIDAR Integration

in 2017 Quantum-Systems started a cooperation with YellowScan in order to successfully integrate an airborne LiDAR system

The Tron LIDAR payload compartment has been designed to integrate the YellowScan “SURVEYOR” LiDAR scanner. This Airborne LIDAR Survey Bundle allows survey missions up to 90 minutes with a 180 degree field of view at altitudes up to 80m above ground.

This solution gives the Tron a full range of LiDAR capabilities and enhances the range of geospatial solutions for our customers.

The key features are:

  • Fast and accurate data collection / night and day
  • Corridor mapping with true 160° field of View
  • Digital Terrain models below Trees and Forest
  • Higher point cloud density and accuracy
  • Full integration with other mobile and terrestrial LiDAR data
  • More options related to data collection altitude, speed and coverage
  • Faster and flexible turnaround of airborne LiDAR for project applications

The combination of the YellowScan “SURVEYOR” with the Quantum-Systems “TRON” allows for extraordinary efficiency and accuracy to support asset management needs for numerous industries.

Quantum-Systems has designed aerial survey solutions for several years and developed considerable expertise with these tools and techniques.

With the addition of the state-of-the-art YellowScan “SURVEYOR” airborne LiDAR system to our payload capabilities, the combination of three different modes of survey data collection offers a full range of survey payload compartments and enhances the ability to provide complete geospatial solutions.

The union of photogrammetric cameras, multispectral sensors and airborne LIDAR offers a powerful set of tools ready to use!

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