Our Partners

Strategic partners

We cooperate with strong partners and satisfied customers to achieve our goals.

At ESG the mission and customer requirements drive the design solutions – as a platform-independent integrator, ESG is capable of selecting the newest and most robust technologies available. In teaming their reliability with the agile innovative force of partners like Quantum Systems, together we provide a joint national UAS capability catering to the individual needs and requirements of military organizations and security agencies.


Auterion provides enterprise and government with an ecosystem of software-defined drones, payloads, and third-party applications within a single easy-to-use platform based on open-source standards.

Auterion are leaders in an open-source movement bigger than themselves that works together to meet the needs of enterprises, government, and drone manufacturers.

The goal of Spleenlab is to remove the barrier between traditional ways of aerial mobility and the innovative AI-based opportunities. They convinced, that a deeper understanding of the progressive potential for self-flying vehicles will change our behaviors of movement, transportation and aerial reconnaissance in the same fundamental way the invention of the airplane did decades before. A perfect match to support the mission of Quantum-Systems!

Our World – Our Responsibility

Together with our partners in the ESG sector, we make our contribution to a better world.

The AMES Foundation, which stand for Africa’s Most Endangered Species, came to life in 2020 with the mission to conserve wildlife, protect biodiversity and make Africa a safer place for animals.

AMES is a community of makers, creatives, entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and CEOs united by one goal: To stop the extinction of Africa’s wildlife. Initially a small circle of Africa enthusiasts, AMES now unites like-minded people from all over the world. AMES is officially registered as a non-profit foundation in Germany.

Wilderness International buys and holds legal title to wilderness areas to permanently protect it for the future.

By donating you become a sponsor, and will receive a personalized certificate with the geo-coordinates of your individually protected forest. For transparency reasons, it is essential to gather exact geo-localized data.

By assigning geo-coordinates to every square meter it is made clear which piece of wilderness is protected with each donation. Orthomosaics, high-resolution aerial photographs, are created for this purpose.

Quantum-Systems supports this mission with equipment and technical expertise. The cooperation with Quantum-Systems saves the team from Wilderness International up to 150h of work per 50 ha land area..

Ongoing projects and our partners

According to our mission, we cooperate with different project partners in order to use synergy effects. We cooperate with the best partners from different disciplines for a common goal

FreeRail Project

The “FreeRail” project, which has been running since September 2019, was funded under the Modernitätsfond (“mFUND“) funding directive with a total of EUR 2.82 million from 1 September 2019, 67% of which will be funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. A big step for the network coordinator Quantum-Systems GmbH and its project partners.

The project consortium consists of experts from DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH, geo-konzept GmbH, Technical University Ingolstadt, and the city of Ingolstadt under the project management of the network coordinator Quantum-Systems GmbH. The starting point of the joint project “FreeRail” deals with a digital solution for a growing problem in the maintenance of the infrastructure of Deutsche Bahn (DB).

MEDinTime Project

Clinics are required to provide special emergency medications around the clock in the shortest possible time for emergency operations. Even the small clinics have to keep excess stocks of medicines because of the transport routes and the transport time in order to be secured for the “worst-case”. After the expiry of the storage period, many of these excess stocks are now disposed of.

This situation poses a high-cost factor for the hospital operator and for the entire healthcare system

The MEDinTime project should lead to a UAS with a removable smart transport box with integrated electronics in order to provide a flexible solution to offer a reliabe delivery of critical medication to various locations.


LiveLage Project

When an emergency call is received at the control center, every minute counts for the fire and rescue services. The decisive factor here is that the more up-to-date and precise the information, the more efficiently operations can be carried out and lives saved. DLR and the Duisburg Fire Department have now tested a new method for real-time evaluation. A drone from Quantum Systems is used here.

  • DLR and Duisburg Fire Department use unmanned aerial systems to detect hazardous situations.
  • New methods for real-time data analysis.
  • Efficient coordination of emergency forces.
  • Focus areas: Unmanned aerial systems, optical information, security research, disaster management.


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