Which UAV is the right one for my use case? Tron or Trinity?

Which UAV is the right one for my use case? Tron or Trinity?

Choosing a trustworthy, reliable and easy to use UAV is not an easy task. There is many competitors on the market with different technical approaches. We at Quantum-Systems think that our efficient VTOL-System used on Tron & Trinity provides the best solution for UAVs with professional users in mind.

At the Intergeo back in September we had many chats with customers and resellers about our two UAVs. Having an FAQ section available on our website does not help directly when you talk to customers. In order to give them all information necessary to get them started we had to come up with a quick way to highlight our product features and differences. Which UAV is the right one for me? Tron or Trinity?

We decided to create a comparison sheet of our Tron & Trinity in order to help you to make an educated decision as quickly as possible about which one you need for your application.


To put it in a nutshell, the Trinity is the perfect UAV if your desired payload doesn’t exceed 500g in total. The compartment is customizable regarding your specific payload. The question Tron or Trinity? It depends on the requirements of your payload.

If you need more payload up to 2 kg the Tron is your UAV of choice offering the same easy to use solution but for larger sensors or other unique use cases.

We will continuously work on giving you all information necessary. Soon, there will be new tutorial videos ready on our youtube channel and if you have further questions, please reach out for us. We are happy to help you!

Quantum-Systems releases the Trinity UAV

Quantum-Systems releases the Trinity UAV

Berlin, Germany: Today, Quantum-Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional long-range UAVs for the civilian market, announced the Trinity UAV at the InterGeo 2017 expo in Berlin. The Trinity is Quantum’s second UAV after the Tron, which was released in March, 2017. The Trinity is a VTOL fixed-wing hybrid UAV that employs a unique three-motor design to take-off vertically, without runways or special equipment. After takeoff, only one motor is used for efficient high-speed flight, with endurance up to 60 minutes and total range exceeding 70 kilometers (43.5 miles). The Trinity combines Quantum-Systems custom onboard flight controller and QBase flight planning software with a flexible payload bay for the best ease-of-use, flexibility and area coverage in a commercial product.

“The Trinity can cover an area up to eight times larger than our competitors in this price range,” said Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum-Systems. “The included visual and multispectral cameras and intuitive one-button launch system make the package ready to fly and easy to use without special training or extra equipment.” He also mentioned that this second UAV rounds-out Quantum’s product offerings: “ The Trinity is perfect for customers who need a turnkey imaging solution that’s globally exportable, while the Tron carries larger, custom payloads for up to 120 minutes of flight on a single charge. Quantum-Systems now has a complete product line that will serve the needs of professional users from single operators to large enterprise customers.”

Learn more about the Trinity

About Quantum-Systems GmbH:

Quantum-Systems was founded in January 2015 and is specialized in the development and production of autonomous transition aircrafts for civilian use. Our products combine reach and efficiency with the ability to vertically take off and land without additional equipment. By means of the founding team’s diversity, Quantum-Systems manages to combine extensive experience and expertise from all relevant areas of unmanned aerial systems. In 2008 we started to conduct research in the field of autonomous flight systems and already in 2012 successfully completed the first autonomous transition.

Meet Quantum-Systems @ Intergeo 2017

Meet Quantum-Systems @ Intergeo 2017

Following our successful exhibition last year, we are again headed to the InterGeo fair in Berlin.
Our quickly growing team will be excited to meet you there in person, so please come to check out our latest products and chat with our professional drone pilots on staff.

We have been working hard the last year to present you exciting new products from Quantum-Systems.

The highlights in a nutshell

We are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin! Visit us from 26th – 28th September in Hall 2.1, Booth A2.034

PS: We will perform live demo flights at the InterGeo but if you can’t make it to Berlin you can also experience a first person flight inaboard our Tron in 360° (use firefox or chrome browser)