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PPK @ Quantum-Systems How does the iBase work?

RTK and PPK algorithms are generally used to compute the precise 3D distance between the UAV and the static reference station. The UAV positions are then represented as a set of these distances to the reference station added to the reference stations known position.

Typical reference stations are Continuously Operating Reference Stations (set up by the governmental authorities, educational institutions etc) and the high end geodetical GNSS receivers on the ground set up by the UAV user him or herself.

iBase is an entry level replacement for such a high end geodetical GNSS receiver. It automatically logs GNSS reference measurements on the ground to a file on the micro SD card. This file should be later copied to the PC where qBase is installed, and can be used by qBase for PPK processing of the data collected in flight, to reach the data geotagging relative precision of down to 2-5 cm (in respect to the point where the iBase antenna is placed).

If the iBase logging spot can be externally georeferenced (i.e. an identifiable point where iBase antenna is placed was once precisely measured via a geodetic GNSS receiver or any non-GNSS means), PPK post-processing using this data provides absolute geotagging precision of down to 2-5 cm as well.

What does eVTOL mean?

eVTOL is the term use for electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing. This means no runway is required.

Where can I buy your drones?
You can purchase our systems, accessories and parts directly from Quantum-Systems or from one of our authorized dealers.
Where do I get support?
Please contact one of our authorized dealers listed here.
I have no experience in flying a drone, are your products suitable for me?
You don’t need prior experience to fly our drones because we provide personalized training with each purchase.

Trinity F90+

What is the maximum flying altitude of the Trinity?
The Trinity can fly 9842,52 feet (3.000 m) above sea level. If you do have other conditions please contact your dealer.
Can I fly the Trinity in rain?
You should not start during rain. If it starts raining during a mission, please return immediately.
Do you ship the Trinity internationally?

We ship our drones to any country in the world if embargoes etc. do not prevent an export. Shipping details must be clarified with Quantum-Systems in advance.

What is the weight of the Trinity?
The Trinity has a total takeoff weight of 4.5 kg.
What frequency does the Trinity use for control?

The Trinity uses a 433-Mhz frequency for control and telemetry and 2.4GHz for safety pilot.

What is the highest level of wind the Trinity can start in?

The Trinity can hover with max. 9 m/s level of wind.

How long does it take to charge the batteries for the Trinity?
It takes up to 1 hour to charge the batteries for the Trinity.

QBase 3D

Is it possible to run QBase on a Tablet PC? (Touch only?)

QBase is developed to run smoothly on tablets with AMD64 CPU and Windows 10.

If the SRTM data is too old or too bad in resolution, can I use my own DEM for Terrain Following?

Yes, this is possible in the format GeoTiff with WGS84 format.

Can I integrate my own/ other maps to QBase?

ESRI .tpk maps, as well as GeoTiffs can be imported into QBase

For how long do I get the newest QBase updates when I have a license? (live long/ 2 years?)

Flight critical updates are supported livelong. New features are updated as long as the used drone type is supported by Quantum-Systems

How do get notice of available update and how do I receive these?

When connected to the internet, a message is shown if new updates are available. Updates are additionally communicated via email.

Can I check signal quality with QBase?

Signal integrity is analyzed and reported in QBase.

Are there plans for an Android/IOS version of QBase?

Not at the moment.

Can I use QBase with other drones?

QBase was developed from the ground up for Quantum drones. We keep focused on Quantum drones to maximize development efforts for our customers.

Is an active internet connection (via mobile) necessary while using QBase?

QBase does not require an active internet connection during flight. In planning and postprocessing it is more convenient to get elevation data, maps, weather data, updates and reference files via download, but it is possible to transfer them to the computer in any other way (e.g. via USB drive)

Where can I buy Tron or Trinity?
You can purchase our systems, accessories and parts directly from Quantum-Systems or from one of our authorized dealers.
Where do I get support?

You can contact Quantum-Systems at sales@quantum-systems.com

I want to apply for a distributorship in my country. Whom should I contact?
In order to list you as a Quantum-Systems dealer, please fill out this form. We will contact you afterwards as soon as possible.
Where can I download the price list?

Please contact your dealer to get the price list. If there is no representative in your country, feel free to get in touch with us @ sales@quantum-systems.com

What is the warranty on your UAVs?
Our UAVs have a 1-year warranty, with optional service and support contracts available to fit your needs.
What is the return period for my UAV?
Trinity orders can only be cancelled before delivery.

Tron orders can’t be cancelled as the Tron is a customized product.

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