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Delair.ai - Post Processing for QBase3D Mission Data

We believe that progress can only be achieved together. We therefore cooperate with partners who offer us and our customers added value with their expertise.




Delair.ai – Aerial Intelligence Platform

The cloud-based platform to manage, process, view, analyze and collaborate around aerial data.

We work tirelessly to develop the most powerful and secure UAVs on the market. In doing so, we intensively respond to customer needs in order to deliver efficient systems. We continue to pursue this approach by working with professional industrial partners who are also committed to solving real world problems and are eager to change the status quo.

Delairs’ industry-specific solutions provide the simplicity, security, and scalability that enterprises require to turn aerial data into business insights.

Our drones and the data generated during each mission are basically software-independent. With Delair.ai we can offer our customers an efficient and flexible post processing solution for various applications such as:

Mines & Aggregates.

  • Control and report on inventory
  • Support safety road map
  • Optimize and maintain haul roads


  • Monitor job progress & earthmoving operations
  • Survey designs
  • Compare design plans to as-built

Agriculture & Forestry.

  • Map and scout to visually analyse the fields
  • Run field inventory to characterise the crops and monitor them
  • Drive precision ag practices

Power  & Utilities.

  • Classify point clouds and vectorize conductors
  • Examine LiDAR and photogrammetry point clouds (by classification, intensity, elevation and natural RGB colors)

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