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Deutsche Bahn relies on Quantum-Systems drones to inspect its route network

Deutsche Bahn relies on Quantum-Systems drones to inspect its route network

DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH is once again purchasing Trinity F90+ drones for undisrupted detection of storm damage and vegetation near the track.

Gilching, Germany, 3rd of August 2020 – DB Fahrwegdienste has again decided to implement Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ drones to be used for storm damage detection and vegetation inspection near the track. geo-konzept GmbH, as a sales partner, has helped DB Fahrwegdienste to obtain enough of the Trinity F90+ VTOL drones for each of the seven branches allowing for maximum coverage track and area inspection.

DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of DB Netz AG. They are responsible for services along the infrastructure of DB Netz AG. To fulfil the prescribed traffic safety obligation in regards to vegetation, this must be inspected, documented and evaluated by qualified personnel at least once a year along the entire route network. Railway traffic should not be disrupted during these inspections. Checking and maintaining the 33,499 km long network and the constantly growing vegetation near the tracks is a time-consuming and demanding task.

Using the fully automatically operated Trinity F90+ drones, data acquisition is fast and digital, which is a considerable simplification and time saver. The drones fly over pre-defined route sections and take aerial photographs for the regular inventory. In addition, they can react quickly after possible damage events, such as storms or severe weather, and record and document the damage along the route network from the air. And all this without disruption to rail traffic.

With the help of future autonomously operated long-range drones from Quantum-Systems, we would be able to inspect the tracks during flight operations out of sight (BVLOS) much faster and more efficiently than with conventional terrestrial recording. Already today, the high-quality and objective recording of vegetation and track infrastructure by means of a VTOL drone with all the analysis options in data evaluation is a real added value for internal tasks

Matthias Maier

Project manager for digital remote sensing, DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH

Quantum-Systems GmbH is pleased to be able to support DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH with new VTOL UAS and sees it as a confirmation of the good cooperation with its customer. Beginning in September 2019, both companies have been working on the fully automated recording of vegetation near the track and storm damage along the Deutsche Bahn route network with the Trinity F90+ drones as part of the “FreeRail” project. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure within the framework of the Modernity Fund (“mFUND“) funding guideline. It deals with a digital solution for the growing challenges in the maintenance of Deutsche Bahn’s railway tracks.

DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH is an important strategic customer and partner for us. Our joint research work is focused on data-based digital applications to drive tomorrow’s mobility. The potential of drones is far from being exhausted in this context. Sustainable decisions are to be made based on data. And it is precisely this data that we provide with our drone technology. At any time, at any place and in the highest quality.

Florian Seibel

CEO, Quantum-Systems GmbH

After successful completion of the project and the test phase, Matthias Maier plans to equip all branches with several VTOL drones to support the beyond visual line of sight operations and to train several pilots for the mission.

About DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH

DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of DB Netz AG and a reliable partner in system services for all aspects of railway maintenance.

With its approximately 3,000 employees, DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH is a specialist in the maintenance of vegetation along the entire German rail network, secures track construction sites of all kinds with state-of-the-art technology and supports railway projects with the delivery and removal of materials.

Across Germany, 7 branches with 36 regional service divisions manage the maintenance of around 60,000 track kilometers and the securing and supply of more than 100,000 construction sites annually.

About Quantum-Systems GmbH

Quantum-Systems GmbH, founded in Munich in 2015, specializes in the development and production of automatic transition aircrafts for a wide range of professional and civil applications. The more than 65 employees (growing) work intensively on combining reach and electrical efficiency with the ability to vertically take off and land (VTOL) without additional equipment.

Claudia Steinhoff
+49 8105 24150 46

Quantum-Systems and Pix4D announce official partnership

Quantum-Systems and Pix4D announce official partnership

Quantum-Systems GmbH and Pix4D have signed a contract to make their partnership official and to ease daily operations for common customers.

Gilching, Deutschland, and Prilly, Switzerland, July 6, 2020. Professionals around the globe rely on eVTOL UAVs from Quantum-Systems and Pix4D’s software suite for collecting and post-processing aerial data. The partnership between both companies ads real value to the daily operations of drone users in mining, agriculture, forestry, surveying and mapping, power, and utilities. With the partnership contract in place, users from now on are able to source Pix4D’s software suite both, directly and through Quantum-Systems’ resellers.

Efficient aerial data collection with various payloads

The Trinity F90+ is an eVTOL mapping drone for professionals. With a flight time of up to 90 minutes it is able to cover areas of up to 700ha per flight with 3,2 cm per pixel GSD at 120 m AGL. The Trinity F90+ UAV can be combined with a wide range of payload options, including RGB and multispectral (dual) payloads.

The Trinity F90+ is used by professionals around the world and sold by a global network currently counting 68 different resellers. Its typical application is composed of surveying and mapping in the agricultural, forestry, mining, and utilities sector.

Quantum-Systems Global Reseller Network

Pre-planning and monitoring aerial survey missions with QBase 3D Software

Quantum-Systems also develops and markets its own software. QBase 3D is for planning and monitoring missions and also able to do PPK processing of the collected survey data with an absolute accuracy of up to 2 cm.
QBase 3D automatically generates flight paths after the flight area and the mission parameters have been defined with just a few clicks. It gives users control over their photogrammetric aerial survey mission and full coverage over the area of interest.

Post-processing the mission data

Once a mission is completed and the UAV landed, the images taken are ready to be imported into Pix4D. Quantum-Systems’ drones and the data generated during each mission are generally software and supplier independent. With Pix4D we can offer our customers an efficient, flexible, and powerful software suite for post-processing that answers their needs in daily operation in their industry.

We are very happy to have a strong OEM partner like Quantum-System. Our bonds are strong in particularly strategic verticals like railway and infrastructure inspection, but since these drones deliver the quality standards needed for large scale mapping, the potential is immense. We are already collaborating on very important international projects.

Johannes Mengden

Business Developer EMEA, Pix4D

Sourcing. training and operation made easy

When professionals turn to Quantum-Systems they have now the opportunity to source an end-to-end solution from one supplier.

Since our end-users and resellers are professionals from different industries, we are happy to closely cooperate with Pix4D. This way we can offer our customers a full solution, from the acquisition of the pictures with our TrinityF90+ to processing the data in special software made by Pix4D. Thanks to this cooperation, they will be able to perform standard and large scale mapping and to choose the most appropriate software for their usage,”

Dejan Dragic

Manager Sales and Business Development, Quantum-Systems GmbH

With the efficiency of Trinity F90+ UAV in combination with QBase 3D mission planning software, various payload options plus Pix4D for post-processing all crucial workflow steps are covered.
The package will be available through official Quantum-Systems resellers. Both brands will team up to host webinars and workshops for their common customer base.

Quantum-Systems GmbH and Pix4D announce official partnership_5
Quantum-Systems GmbH and Pix4D announce official partnership_4

About Pix4D
Pix4D (pix4d.com) develops cutting-edge software that converts images taken by hand, by drone, or by plane into accurate and georeferenced survey-grade 2D mosaics, 3D models, and point clouds. Founded in 2011, Pix4D is rapidly expanding from its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, to offices in Berlin, Madrid, Denver, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Press Contact:
Rodrigo Gonçalves, Brand, Media & Communications
Phone: +41 76 4680072

About Quantum-Systems GmbH
Quantum-Systems GmbH, founded in Munich in 2015, specializes in the development and production of automatic transition aircrafts for a wide range of professional and civil applications. The more than 65 employees (growing) work intensively on combining reach and electrical efficiency with the ability to vertically take off and land without additional equipment.

Press Contact:
Claudia Steinhoff, Marketing Manager
+49 8105 24150 46

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Partnership with Silvus Technologies to integrate MN-MIMO communication products

Partnership with Silvus Technologies to integrate MN-MIMO communication products

Quantum-Systems and Auterion GS Enhance Their Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems with Silvus Technologies’ Advanced MN-MIMO Communication Products

Los Angeles and Munich – June 16, 2020 – Quantum-Systems GmbH and Auterion GS Inc are pleased to announce a partnership with Silvus Technologies to integrate Silvus’ advanced, MIMO Streamcaster Radios into Vector™ and Scorpion™ small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).

The MN-MIMO technology in the Silvus 4200 and 4400 Streamcaster series radios provides high speed, tactically secure data, and high definition video communications in tough RF environments. For sUAS customers, the integration of a Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) radio into our systems enables robust, assured networking between the air vehicle and the ground controller and interoperability with other nodes on the network.

Quantum-Systems Logo

2in1 System – More possibilities in one product

Vector and Scorpion form a 2-in-1 sUAS system kit. Scorpion is a tri-copter that can be utilized for dynamic urban environments and other mission sets that require a combination of maneuverability and hover to collect ISR and Situation Awareness information. By configuring the base fuselage with fixed wings and tail section, Scorpion transforms into Vector, an energy-efficient, fixed-wing VTOL for longer range, longer endurance ISR missions.

Increased customer benefit through strategic cooperation

The pairing of Silvus’ MN-MIMO technology with the Vector and Scorpion 2-in-1 system will provide long range, robust, and reliable communications and surveillance capabilities suitable for rugged and rapidly changing environments.

Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum-Systems said, “We have tested several tactical mesh radios in several scenarios before making our decision to go with Silvus: range, reliability and performance are class-leading.  Because there are versions available from Silvus that are non-ITAR this will help to sell our Vector and Scorpion on a global scale”

David Sharpin, CEO of Auterion GS said, “We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Silvus Technologies as we bring Vector and Scorpion to US Defense and Security markets. Flexible, multi-node, tactical networking is a key element of our sUAS ecosystem. Last week we announced our Skynav Gov scalable ground controller.  Silvus radios will be integrated with  Skynav controllers which will in-turn be integrated into the Vector/Scorpion sUAS product offering in the US.”

Kasey Cooper, Director of Unmanned Systems for Silvus Technologies, said “The partnership between the Quantum-Systems, Auterion GS, and Silvus Technologies aligns with our desire to collaborate with cutting edge companies and technologies. This teaming will give our customers, foreign and abroad, a highly sophisticated end-to-end solution for their sUAS needs. The Vector and Scorpion 2-in-1 sUAS system kit solves a long standing CONOPS problem I’ve seen. The quick reaction capabilities of a small VTOL and long endurance desires of a fixed-wing, all in one kit.”

About Auterion GS Inc: Auterion GS is building an ecosystem of unmanned systems capabilities by providing everything from assured hardware components, to integrated software, to complete sUAS solutions. We are a catalyst in driving adoption of open standards and software based on open source for Government customers. We are located in Moorpark, California. Learn more at www.auterion-gs.com

About Quantum-Systems GmbH: The Munich based company has been developing class-leading VTOL sUAS for the mapping industry. Our Trinity F90+, together with qBase, the Quantum proprietary mission planning and execution software, has been deployed hundreds of times into commercial operations. Learn more at www.quantum-systems.com

About Silvus Technologies: Privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, Silvus Technologies develops advanced MIMO technologies that are reshaping broadband wireless connectivity for mission-critical applications. Backed by an unmatched team of PhD scientists and design engineers, its technologies provide enhanced wireless data throughput, interference mitigation, improved range, mobility, and robustness to address the growing needs of its government and commercial customers. Learn more at www.silvustechnologies.com

Drone delivers Covid-19 tests to laboratory in less than seven minutes

Drone delivers Covid-19 tests to laboratory in less than seven minutes

Quantum-Systems GmbH tests transport of human medical samples via drones for timely results.

Gilching, Deutschland, June 4th, 2020. The physician in protective clothes inserts the swab into the tube, asks the older man a few specific questions and marks the note “urgent sample”.

Last week Quantum-Systems GmbH and laboratory Becker & Kollegen tested the transport of samples, by drone, from the mobile corona test station on the Theresienwiese to the Munich laboratory.

Timely results may have major influence on chain of infection

Urgent samples must be delivered to the laboratory as quickly as possible. This is the case, for example, when a timely test result has a decisive influence on the choice and success of therapeutic measures for a patient. In the event of a pandemic, a few hours may have a major influence on the development of the chain of infection. “I am concerned about the individual behind each sample and the well-being of the patient in terms of the quality and speed of the findings,” says Marc Becker, M.D. “In this particular case, however, it is also about reducing risks for the many people involved in the provision of our laboratory services, such as doctors, courier services and assistants.”

Transport by drone is 8 to 12 times faster

During a test flight, the autonomously operated Trinity F90+ drone from Quantum-Systems transported 20 sample tubes in less than seven minutes over the 6.4 km (~4 miles] flight distance from Theresienwiese to the laboratory in Frührichstraße. According to the statement from a courier driver who regularly makes the ride between the test station and the laboratory, it often takes an hour or more to travel by van under normal Munich traffic conditions. He has rarely carried more than 15 urgent corona (SARS-Cov-2) test samples. The advantages are obvious: transport by drone is 8 to 12 times faster, emission-free and virtually noiseless.

Drone port at Theresienwiese Munich mobile Corona test station
LABOR Becker & Kollegen Logo

As part of our vision of a No-Touch Sample Distribution (NTSD), our initiative with Quantum-Systems makes an important contribution to the discussion on how we can use automation and digital technology to further reduce analog touch points and the associated potential danger to humans

Robert Hirt

Chief Digital Officer, Laboratoy Becker & Kollegen

Drone technology is ready for autonomous missions yet limited by regulations

Putting such a project into practice is easily possible with the technology of Quantum-Systems. From the very beginning, the drones of the Munich-based company have been developed in such a way that autonomous missions can be scaled at any time. To connect the drones on their flights in real time with the cloud and customer-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Quantum-Systems relies on software solutions from Auterion. Auterion is a global company with which Quantum-Systems has been working closely together for this purpose since February 2020. The regulations to be considered for such missions are currently extensive in Germany.

The approval procedure in the run-up, which has not yet been digitized, is very complex. The responsible aviation authority issues an individual permit only after a detailed risk analysis has been submitted. In addition, permission for take-off and landing must always be obtained from the respective property owner. For each individual BVLOS flight (beyond visual line of sight flight), an additional inspection certificate must be obtained. Due to these conditions, such projects are currently not economically executable in Germany.

Quantum-Systems is able to fulfill requirements for transport of medical payloads

Quantum-Systems already has experience in transporting very sensitive medical payloads by drone, for which further strict requirements must be met.

Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ drone

In South Africa Quantum-Systems delivers its technology for the BloodWing project of the South African National Blood Service (SANBS). The Tron F90+ UAV transports blood bags from blood banks to remote hospitals – and this way saves lives, since in an emergency the blood bags can be delivered to their destination faster than by land. To do so, one must comply with the respective legal requirements for the transport of drugs or medicine. For example, the transport box must fulfill certain hygienic and climatic demands. In addition, the transport must be secure and completely traceable, access to the box must be possible for authorized persons only. These are requirements that Quantum-Systems already fulfills.

German Federal Ministry of Transport recognizes potential in drones for new business areas

​In order to further advance the technological innovation in the use of drones for medical purposes, Quantum-Systems is currently participating in the tender for a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). Subject of the investigation is how changes in drug logistics can lead to significant cost reductions for hospitals.

Quantum-Systems has already been awarded a research contract for another BMVI funding project called “FreeRail“. “Free Rail” involves the automated recording of vegetation near the track and storm damage along Deutsche Bahn’s rail network using the Trinity F90+ drone. In order to comply with the prescribed road safety obligations, the vegetation along the entire rail network must be inspected, documented and evaluated by qualified personnel at least once a year. At the same time, rail traffic should not be disrupted during inspection.

For us, the development of the Drone Port is a logical step towards the automation and digitization of flight missions. In the end, the drone will transmit information and data for further decision making. With our technology, we deliver this information just in time.

Florian Seibel

Chief Executive Officer, Quantum-Systems GmbH

On May13th, 2020, Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer presented his drone action plan at a press conference. Targeted funding shall further develop the drone technology in Germany. The legal framework and any necessary changes in legislation and regulations are also part of the BMVI’s consideration. It is hoped that the EU drone regulation expected for the beginning of 2021 will create noticeable new scope for action.

When looking at time-critical transport for medical purposes, the benefits of reliable drones are hard to deny. If the technology is to be used in everyday life, the next step would be to overcome hurdles in legislation and the regulatory authorities.

The Trinity F90+ drone from Quantum-Systems GmbH is a decisive component of the technological solution. The drone takes off and lands fully automatically from a self-sufficient drone port, which will be permanently stationed close to the railway line. Using a special communication and data processing system, the collected data can be automatically evaluated. The result is then transmitted to the responsible employee of DB Fahrwegdienste GmbH. The project offers Quantum-Systems the possibility to collect and evaluate experiences with autonomous BVLOS flights under real conditions.

Drone Port Deutsche Bahn FreeRail

How to maintain a pioneering position in the drone market

The expectations of all parties involved are high: the insights gained are intended to drive forward developments for everyday life and secure Germany’s pioneering position in a dynamic, innovative and increasingly competitive market in the future.

Corona Samples arrive at lab by drone

Download the press release

About LABOR Becker & Kollegen

Labor Becker & Kollegen is a regional provider of high-quality and value-oriented laboratory medicine, covering the entire spectrum of laboratory diagnostic examinations. The laboratory’s special features include the immunohematology department with blood depot and one of the largest screening laboratories in Germany for congenital metabolic diseases. The laboratory was founded in 1979. Since then we have been a successful owner-managed company with over 500 employees at nine Bavarian locations. As a service provider, we are a successful partner for physicians in private practice, hospitals and university institutions, for whom reliability, precision and speed are top priorities. In this way, we ensure our customers the decisive advantage in patient care.

At our locations in Munich and Bamberg, the laboratory has performed more than 130,000 verifications for COVID-19 requests by the beginning of May 2020. The samples from the Theresienwiese in Munich are also analyzed here and findings are transmitted electronically and promptly directly to the physicians and patients who send them in.

Robert Hirt
+49 170 8408 206

About Quantum-Systems GmbH

Quantum-Systems GmbH, founded in Munich in 2015, specializes in the development and production of automatic transition aircrafts for a wide range of professional and civil applications. The more than 65 employees (growing) work intensively on combining reach and electrical efficiency with the ability to vertically take off and land without additional equipment.

Claudia Steinhoff
+49 8105 24150 46

Reseller Spotlight: Measur

Reseller Spotlight: Measur

Measur, a Canadian company that specializes in the resale of commercial unmanned solutions, have signed an exclusive Canadian distribution agreement with Quantum Systems. This is a further important step for us as a drone manufacturer to be able to offer our customers a worldwide close-meshed dealer network.

Only through qualitative support on the sales side can we offer end customers professional support and short-term availability of our products.

This partnership brings industry-leading fixed wing VTOL technology to the Canadian market and ensures aerial professionals have access to the best solutions for their business.

Denon Wilgosh

COO, Measur

Can you tell us about the history and background of your company?

Measur is a Canadian company based in Calgary, AB, and Burnaby, BC, that specializes in the resale of commercial unmanned solutions. Founded in 2001, Measur has become the most trusted source for aerial solutions in mining & aggregates, agriculture & forestry, infrastructure & utilities, construction, surveying & mapping and oil & gas.

What are your fields of application?

Mining & aggregates, agriculture & forestry, infrastructure & utilities, construction, surveying & mapping, inspection, and oil & gas

What made you choose Quantum-Systems?

We chose Quantum systems because they have industry leading flight time and payload options at a value driven price. We believe that Quantum systems is creating the best aerial products in the world and we are excited to share these products with the Canadian market.

Are you a professional drone provider interested in our solutions? Get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Webinar: A day in the field with the Trinity F90+

Webinar: A day in the field with the Trinity F90+

You use drones in a professional environment and are interested in our products? Take the chance and experience our Trinity F90+ UAV in (virtual) application.

We cordially invite you to our next webinar ” A day in the field with the Trinity F90+”.

Who is the intended audience?

Anyone who is interested in the functionality of the Trinity F90+ and its interaction with the iBase base station and wants to know what the typical workflow in the field looks like. From mission planning to flight execution and post-processing. Everybody who has always wanted to know what a typical day in the field with our Trinity F90+ looks like and how to get a result of outstanding accuracy (1.5 cm) with minimal effort and without the tedious laying out of GCPs is invited to our webinar “A day in the field with the Trinity F90+”.
Using a typical use case we will show all the necessary steps from mission planning to flight execution and post-processing to get a great result quickly and easily.
The example shows the survey of a clay pit near Munich on a day with rather unfavorable conditions. It was very windy and the clay pit could not be entered due to previous rainfall. In the immediate vicinity of the pit a wind turbine required special attention during flight planning. Nevertheless, using the Trinity F90+ and the iBase, a result was achieved that does not need to shy away from comparisons with results obtained under optimal conditions.
Due to the current situation with Covid-19 we cannot welcome you in person in order to demonstrate the advantages of the Trinity F90+ live. Instead we invite you to join us comfortably from your home or office on April 21st .at 15:00 CET on our challenging mission.
Interested? Then click on the link and convince yourself of the Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+