The Trinity as part of the CopKa Project – BVLOS in action

The Trinity as part of the CopKa Project – BVLOS in action

Trinity as first on site to collect data

CopKa is a BMWI funded project exploring the possibility of accompanying rescue operations with live images. Providing faster and more comprehensive information to mission control centers and additional participants in the rescue chain is the main goal. The data connection is achieved via satellite.

In November 2018 the Trinity performed an 8km long BVLOS flight within the framework of a disaster control exercise north of Munich. It is particularly worth mentioning in this context that the flight took place in the no-fly zone of the Munich Airport beyond visual line of sight.

The flight path led across a high-voltage line, followed by a highway and railroads through the suburb of Munich. The target area was directly located at the approach corridor of the Munich airport. Airplanes have an altitude of 300m above ground in this area.

Extensive approvals were the prerequisite

Thanks to explicit approvals by the German federal aviation office the Trinity was permitted to perform the mission. Only this made it possible to fly during active flight operations at Munich airport. An ADS-B receiver connected to our mission planning software QBase is only one requirement necessary for operations such as these.

Based on this data, situation-dependent and highly up-to-date resource planning is possible.In addition, valuable time of the emergency forces can be saved.. This time saving can be decisive for the success of life-saving measures in the future.

Thanks to the collaboration with the “CopKa” project, the Trinity was able to successfully transmit the first visual data via live stream to the emergency line. Equipped with data and video link on board, the emergency forces were able to access a wide range of data.

The project was regarded as a success by all participants and promises a lot for the near future. With the further development of the UAV systems, the entry hurdle will be even lower and meaningful data will be available even faster.

Such lighthouse projects are important to increase the acceptance for the use of drones in the population. We as Quantum-Systems are pleased to be able to actively help here.

Thanks to all participants of the CopKa project!

We welcome our newest reseller BNpro in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We welcome our newest reseller BNpro in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are happy to welcome BNpro as a new Quantum-Systems reseller. BNpro is the leading company in Bosnia and Herzegovina for geodetic, surveying and architectural services and will represent Quantum-Systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

This week the managing director Miro Nikšić and the geodetic engineers Alma Tabakovick, Besim Dinar and Emir Nikšić visited us at our headquarter in Gilching.

Not only did they receive their first own Trinity, but also an intensive flight training.

We’re looking forward to a successful cooperation in the future!

Are you a professional drone provider interested in our solutions? Get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Join the live stream of the SPARK AWARD 2018

Join the live stream of the SPARK AWARD 2018

As we have already reported here, Quantum-Systems was selected from a large number of interesting applicants in a multi-stage process as one of the 10 exciting finalists. We then presented our pitch to a top-class jury on 19 September.

On November 8th, the time has come and the winners will be announced.

We cordially invite you to follow the spectacle in the live stream.

November 8th at 19:45 CET

You may keep your fingers crossed for us!

Reseller Spotlight: geo-konzept

Reseller Spotlight: geo-konzept

This time in the reseller Spotlight: geo-konzept – Gesellschaft für Umweltplanungssysteme mbH from Germany

Can you tell us about the history and background of your company?

geo-konzept stands for reliable and robust satellite navigation and GIS technology in agriculture and forestry. The company was founded in 1992 by Dipl.-Ing. agr. Thomas Muhr. geo-konzept offers its customers manufacturer independent and individual GPS-based steering systems as well as nationwide RTK-correction signal and belongs to the market leaders in this area.

Keywords are parallel guidance, steering assistance, automatic steering systems, active and passive implement steering. Furthermore geo-konzept’s portfolio covers laser-based and high-precision 2D and 3D survey systems for an efficient and safe blast planning and design. Mobile GIS solutions as well as remote sensing bundles complement the product range.

What are your fields of application?

The company geo-konzept supports its customers with modern technique, extensive know-how and long-lasting experience in finding economic and efficient solutions for your business. As independent provider, geo-konzept can offer standard products, like parallel guidance systems, as well as in-house special solutions and software and combine them with the best technique available at the market. The business activities range from precision farming to steering and guiding of implements or from GPS correction service to survey, blast design and documentation.

Company name:geo-konzept Gesellschaft für Umweltplanungssysteme mbH
Quantum-Systems UAV availability: Tron
Trinity F9
Field of application:Precision farming, Mining, Urban Infrastructure, Geospatial Intelligence, GPS services for mobility, industrial inspection

Where do you see the particular advantages of Trinity/Tron compared to other UAVs?

Advantages of Trinity:

A good and fast system that can accommodate large areas and thus enables the answer to specific questions in agriculture.

UAV Technology in general:

UAV technology represents a growing market that will continue to evolve over the next few years. Systems are becoming more efficient and increasingly mass-marketable. As a result, more and more favorable systems are developing, but they remain efficiency.

Are you a professional drone provider interested in our solutions? Get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Quantum-Systems Overview @ homeandsmart

Quantum-Systems Overview @ homeandsmart

The consumer portal Home&Smart also regularly reports on products and solutions in the field of e-mobility.
Basically, our products are aimed at professional users, but with the increased use of drones in the civilian sector, it is also important to provide general information on how and why drones are used in everyday life.

A good overview about us and our products can be found in the following article. (Only in German)

Enhanced eVTOL UAV Trinity F9 with PPK and new software features now available!

Enhanced eVTOL UAV Trinity F9 with PPK and new software features now available!

Quantum-Systems GmbH, a German-based eVTOL fixed-wing UAV company founded in 2015 and currently present at the market with its Trinity and TRON UAV systems, just announced the enhanced version of the Trinity –  the Trinity F9. With the PPK module leading the way in the newly announced enhancements, the user now enjoys more accuracy, reliability and flight safety when choosing a Quantum-Systems Trinity F9. Comprehensive and state-of-the-art features are available on both sides, hardware and software.

Official presentation at the INTERGEO 2018 in Frankfurt

On the hardware side the following features are released:

PPK mit iBase (PPK Base Station) for best-in-class accuracy
For all surveyors and professionals that require highly accurate data down to a few centimeters, the new Trinity F9 enables them to reduce typical GNSS geotagging errors of several meters down to 2 – 5 cm via auxiliary GNSS data collection in flight. The new PPK module comes with an additional PPK base station, called iBase, for reliable reference data in an instant. Thanks to a strong cooperation between uBlox and Quantum-Systems, massively increased data accuracy at dramatically reduced costs is now possible with the new Trinity F9.

Anti-collision lights for high flight safety
Next to the PPK module, the new Trinity F9 has integrated flashing anti-collision strobe and position lights to provide even more flight safety to its UAV pilots.  

Live air traffic in QBase for advanced operational awareness
The flight safety is further increased by the automatic integration of the live air traffic info into QBase. With the help of the pingUSB from uAvionix, the UAV pilot now receives high-quality tracking data from other aircrafts around him to increase its operational awareness significantly.

With regard to our mission planning software QBase there are these new features:

As if this wouldn’t be enough of enhancements for the Trinity F9, we have also amplified the scope of QBase, our ground control station. From now on, the existing as well as new users of Quantum-Systems UAVs can take advantage of the following new QBase features:

3D Planning for the most realistic mission planning
Powered by Esri, the 3D planning feature provides the automatic creation of flight plans in sloped and mountainous areas. It uses high resolution digital elevation data (e.g. SRTM) to create collision free and energy optimized trajectory for an optimal data quality results.

Resume mission for higher efficiency
A large photogrammetry mission can’t be covered in a single flight can now be resumed just at the position of the last covered flight leg. QBase automatically calculates the follow-up flight plan allowing an immediate continuation of the remaining mission without the need of the further manual planning steps.

Corridor planning that fits all infrastructures
The corridor planning function creates optimized flight plans for mapping infrastructures like roads, railways and power plans. It optimizes the flight segments according to the terrain altitude as well as the camera characteristics.

The new Trinity F9 is available now to all existing resellers, end users and potential customers through our current distribution network. The delivery happens at a first-come-first-serve basis as the demand is currently unexpectedly high. The Trinity F9 comes at an unmatched retail price of 12,900 EUR (excl. VAT).

“With the launch of the Trinity back in 2015, we could continuously manifest to our user base that they can rely on a high-endurance and long-range UAV with an open source payload concept.” Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum-Systems points out. “With its price-performance ratio and the state-of-the-art enhancements, the Trinity F9 definitely has the potential to be a game changer in the the eVTOL fixed-wing UAV market in the near future. We’re excited to see our users’ feedback on our Trinity F9 and how we can move from there to leverage it to the next level.”

Available Downloads: