Mitarbeiter/-in im technischen Support für Drohnen (m/w/d)

Mitarbeiter/-in im technischen Support für Drohnen (m/w/d)

Quantum-Systems ist auf die Entwicklung von senkrechtstartfähigen Flugzeugdrohnen in vielseitigen Anwendungen spezialisiert. Das junge, international agierende Unternehmen entwirft dabei alle relevanten Systemgruppen wie Fluggerät, Autopilot und Planungssoftware hausintern. Für unser Team (60+MA) in Gilching bei München suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt Unterstützung durch eine/-n Mitarbeiter/-in im technischen Support (m/w/d).

Ihre Aufgaben:

  • Telefonische oder schriftliche Dokumentation von Kundenanfragen
  • Telefonischer oder schriftlicher First and Second Level Support
  • Pflege der Tickets im CRM System
  • Enge Zusammenarbeit mit der Entwicklung beim Lösen neuer Herausforderungen
  • Anfertigung von Schulungsunterlagen und Anleitungen (Print/ Video)
  • Durchführung von Flugtests und Kundenschulungen
  • Unterstützung des Sales Teams bei Messen oder Flugdemos

Unsere Anforderungen:

  • Sie haben ein abgeschlossenes Studium oder Ausbildung, vorzugsweise im technischen Bereich (auch Quereinsteiger aus artverwandten Branchen oder mit vergleichbarer Erfahrung)
  • Gute Englischkenntnisse sind Voraussetzung für die tägliche Kommunikation mit den Kunden
  • Sie besitzen ein sicheres Auftreten gegenüber Kunden
  • Erste Erfahrungen mit einem CRM System
  • Sie besitzen technisches Verständnis und haben Interesse an der Thematik Drohnen
  • Im Idealfall haben Sie zusätzlich Vorerfahrung in der Bedienung von Drohnen und/oder Modellflugzeugen
  • Eine selbstständige, verantwortungsbewusste Arbeitsweise zeichnet Sie aus
  • Sie widmen sich leidenschaftlich gerne neuen Aufgaben und suchen nach Problemlösungsstrategien

Wir bieten:

  • Kurze Wege und flache Hierarchien
  • Ein junges, innovatives Team und ein ausgezeichnetes Betriebsklima
  • Spannende Projekte im Zukunftsmarkt UAV / Drohnen
  • Gute Bezahlung sowie zusätzliche, innovative Lohnkomponenten
  • Sehr gute Weiterentwicklungsperspektiven


Dann senden Sie uns Ihre aussagefähigen Bewerbungsunterlagen per E-Mail an:

Wir würden uns freuen, Sie kennenzulernen!

Quantum-Systems offers MicaSense Dual Camera System Payload!

Quantum-Systems offers MicaSense Dual Camera System Payload!

Quantum-Systems offers the MicaSense “Dual Camera System” for the Trinity F90+ fixed-wing UAV

8th of April 2020: Gilching / Germany: As a manufacturer of advanced VTOL UAV systems for high-precision surveying tasks in the professional field it is also in our interest to offer our customers the best possible sensors in combination with our UAV systems. It is therefore our pleasure to offer customers the brand new Dual Camera System from MicaSense as a payload option for our Trinity F90+ UAV.

MicaSense Dual Camera System: Double the spectral resolution with half the hassle in one payload.

We successfully integrated the two five-band cameras, RedEdge-MX and the new RedEdge-MX Blue. This solution enables the most advanced remote sensing and vegetation research applications. The camera option completes the available portfolio of camera payloads for professional users of Quantum-Systems drones.

RGB and multispectral sensors have been available since the initial release of our Trinity UAV. In addition, the high payload of the Trinity F90+ allows RGB and multispectral sensors to be combined with the RedEdge-MX and Sony UMC-R10C camera.

With MicaSense Altum, our customers have long had a highly integrated multispectral sensor at their disposal. Consisting of a radiometric thermal camera and five high-resolution narrow bands, Altum produces advanced thermal, multispectral and high-resolution imagery in one flight for advanced analytics.

Based on the already integrated sensors and the flexibility of Quantum-Systems’ UAVs, the integration of the new Dual Camera System consisting was achieved in record time!

“While all of our sensors produce repeatable outputs with optimized GSD, the additional spectral information captured by the Dual Camera System makes it especially suited for AI/Machine Learning workflows. Now, integrated with the Trinity F90+, the combined solution offers customers the utmost capability in plant canopy analysis and classification tasks over large areas.” – Justin McAllister, CTO of MicaSense

Up to now, the use of this dual sensor has been reserved exclusively for multicopters. The integration into a small fixed-wing UAV opens up completely new possibilities in terms of range and ideally saves a lot of time through a completely integrated PPK process.


PPK 100% supported for all payload integrations with no added cost

Unlike other available mapping solutions, we are proud to offer our own PPK solution for all available sensor payloads including the Dual Camera System. Thanks to this seamless integration there is no need to deal with third party solutions in the PPK area – a big advantage!

Each of our drones comes standard with our iBase Ground Station and can generate high quality GPS data out of the box. PPK is therefore a basic feature of our systems at no additional cost to the customer. Combined with the broad coverage capabilities and user-friendly handling the time and money saved is a huge benefit!

iBase is an all in one GNSS reference station. It automatically logs GNSS reference measurements on the ground to a file on a micro SD card. This file enables QBase3D to do PPK processing of the collected survey data with a absolute accuracy of 2- 5 cm.

In the event of support, customers thus have a direct advantage over third-party solutions, as we have direct access to our PPK integration. Furthermore, individual PPK modifications are also possible thanks to vertical integration. Simply contact us in this regard.

Compatible with all Trinity F90+ UAVs

To take advantage of the new payload, no technical changes to already delivered Trinity F90+ are necessary. A corresponding update for QBase3D will be available before the planned launch at the end of May 2020.

The MicaSense Dual Camera System is available for order end of May through Quantum-Systems partners around the world.

Auterion and Quantum-Systems partner on two new VTOL sUAS for US Defense and Security markets

Auterion and Quantum-Systems partner on two new VTOL sUAS for US Defense and Security markets

Integration with Auterion’s Open Source Operating System aligns with DoD’s Group 1 UAS Architecture

Los Angeles, California, and Munich, Germany – 10 February 2020 – Today, Auterion Government Solutions Inc (AGS Inc) and Quantum-Systems GmbH announced that they have partnered to bring the Vector and Scorpion small Unmanned Aerial Systems #sUAS to the U.S. Government Defense and Security markets. The partnership brings together best-in-class sUAS hardware with a secure, scalable, open source, operating system, Auterion OS. Auterion OS is currently employed on an ecosystem of sUAS from small multi-rotors to hybrid VTOL Group 2 air vehicles.

Vector and Scorpion form a 2-in-1 system kit. Scorpion is a tri-copter that can be utilized for dynamic urban environments and other mission sets that require a combination of maneuverability and hover to collect ISR and Situation Awareness information. If required it
comes with a tethering system to enable 24/7 operations.

By configuring the base fuselage with fixed wings and tail section, Scorpion transforms into Vector, an energy-efficient, fixed-wing VTOL for longer range, longer endurance ISR missions.

Quantum-Systems currently utilizes a proprietary flight control stack as well as its QBase3D command and control software on these two air vehicles. When the platforms are integrated with Auterion Enterprise PX4 TM software, Auterion Ground Station software, and the Auterion Hand-Held Ground Control Station (H-GCS) they form an open ecosystem that is aligned and integrated with DoD’s Group 1 UAS Architecture and requirements for a common Group 1 control system.

This integration enables these sUAS to be extensible, tailorable and interoperable for customers in both the US Defense and Security markets.

David Sharpin, CEO of AGS Inc said, “we are excited to be working with Quantum-Systems to bring forth a new, integrated, rucksack portable sUAS that we feel will transform the way our customers collect, process and disseminate ISR and Situation Awareness information, in all environments. AGS Inc and Quantum-Systems are standing up manufacturing operations in the US and are utilizing assured subsystems and software to provide a secure solution offering for our customers”.

Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum-Systems said, “teaming up with AGS Inc will change the market in many ways. AGS Inc is a key partner in the development and deployment of DoD’s Group 1 UAS Architecture. Together with our new tactical platforms Vector and Scorpion, this
will meet the requirements and needs of the U.S. Government Defense and Security markets. We will enable our global customers to either run our proprietary stack or be integrated with AGS Inc’s enterprise software and H-GCS from now on. By setting up a US entity, Quantum-Systems will move closer to the customer while working on setting up a large scale US production”.

About Auterion Government Solutions Inc:

AGS Inc is building an ecosystem of unmanned systems capabilities by providing everything from key components, to integrated software, to complete UAS solutions. Open source is at the core of what we do. We are located in Moorpark, California.
Learn more at

Carlotta Greco
(415) 799-8020

About Quantum-Systems GmbH:

The Munich based company has been developing class-leading VTOL sUAS for the mapping industry. Our Trinity F90+ , together with QBase3D, the Quantum-Systems proprietary mission planning and execution software, has been deployed hundreds of times into commercial operations.

Ferdinand Veith, Online Marketing Manager
Tel: +49 (8105) 2415049

Quantum-Systems onboards new reseller in Romania – La Orizont

Quantum-Systems onboards new reseller in Romania – La Orizont

In the picture from the left: Stefan Wurmser (Busines Development), Ciprian Iorga (General Manager LaOrizont), Lungu Alexandru (Operator) and Dejan Dragic (Regional Sales Manager Quantum-Systems)

Welcome to the Quantum-Systems family!

La Orizont, a very prospective and fast-growing company from Romania, became the new reseller of Quantum Systems products in the field of precise agriculture in Romania.

Besides being the official distributor of Emlid products, La Orizont is providing a wide range of services in the field of precise agriculture. Some of their services are plant counting, plant stress detection, hydric stress, chlorophyll maps, disease detection, weed detection, biomass estimation, fertilization recommendations, treatments recommendations.

They are working with some large clients like KWS, Monsanto, Sygenta and etc. Large Romanian agricultural market is opening us new possibilities.

Quantum Systems at the ESRI Conference 2020: learn more about QBase3D configuration with ArcGIS products

Quantum Systems at the ESRI Conference 2020: learn more about QBase3D configuration with ArcGIS products

You want to gain a deeper understanding of digital map creation solutions and other GIS products, provided by ESRI?  

Quantum-Systems invites you to the upcoming ESRI Conference and gain additional insights to accelerate your business! 

Sounds challenging? Let’s jump into more details: 

Are you an advanced user of ArcGIS products? Do you want to accelerate your GIS business with ESRI? As a case study, we would like to present you our mission planning software – QBase3D

​With the QBase3D you can manage a large number of maps worldwide in 2D and 3D thanks to ArcGIS Online World. everyting necessary for your application in one program.

Make use of your spatial skills with QBase3D by geotagging the objects just in a few few minutes after the drone flight. With ArcGIS RunTime you can manage your recorded data without any time wasted.

Enjoy our powerful tool for the fully automatic drone flight – QBase3D! 

More details about ESRI Conference you can find here. If you need further information, feel free to contact us