There are several reasons why land surveyors, farmers, scientists and SAR teams are choosing our VTOL Tron and Trinity UAVs!

Our Mission. Your Application.

Using our long range VTOL systems can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate survey and mapping data. By acquiring a huge amount of photogrammetric aerial image data – in the form of geo-referenced digital aerial images (RGB & NIR) – the user can easily produce Digital Orthophotos (RGB & multispectral DOPs) and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) as well as dense 3D point clouds (e.g. LAS-files or XYZ-files).

The Trinity / Tron UAV technology enables GIS professionals and surveyors to work more efficiently by allowing them to collect accurate spatial data from above without a steep learning curve necessary to operate the UAV.

With our UAVs a farmer can capture highly accurate images of his fields, covering up to hundreds of hectares/acres in a single flight with a better ground resolution than satellite imagery provides, even when there is cloud cover.

NDVI maps and ISO-XML files for rate controlled applications are the key to boosting yields, cutting costs, and increasing ROI.

Which sensor package is the right one for your applications?

Agriculture & Forestry
agriculture & farming Investigating crop health and the degree of ripeness are important tasks in agriculture to optimize revenue. Scaling an inch by inch inspection to today’s large agricultural corporations requires the proper tools to be efficient. With our UAVs a thorough evaluation of land and managing crops is an easy task.

By using our (combination of) RGB and multispectral sensors, farmers can take the evaluation of their fields to the next level.



Monitoring infrastructure covers many use cases. Whether necessary in terms of safety/security and estimating demand for maintenance and repair or keeping track of the construction progress, it is a critical necessity.
Incorporating our drones in the process can drastically reduce cost in every discipline.


  • inspecting railways to determine and/or avoid vandalism and theft of valuable metal
    Evaluating infrastructure health (train stations, bridges, pipelines, photovoltaik parks, etc)  
  • Determine demands for maintenance and repair without the need for expensive scaffolding or suspension of highly frequented traffic routes.
  • Reducing the deployment of manned aircraft for standard monitoring missions day & night.

Boosting productivity and keeping staff safe are key elements when talking about mining operations and surveying those fast and accurate.

Our UAVs help you achieving these goals with ease. Quick launching and landing in the most difficult spots thanks to the advanced VTOL capability is an easy task without spending excessive time on site.

Compared to conventional monitoring in the field, the deployment of our UAVS enables you to scale the monitoring task and retrieve more data in less time.

Customized Payload
customized payload Our RGB and multispectral sensors cover a wide range of use cases and we are open to new configurations and market demands.

That is why we offer the cargo compartment from our Trinity as a download for you to adapt our Trinity as a platform for your use case.

If your task involves even bigger payloads, then our Tron is the perfect solution. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to integrating specialized high payload sensors. Just contact us and we will get in touch with you.


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