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Quantum-Systems GmbH, founded in Munich in 2015, specializes in the in-house development, design, and production of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV). Our drones combine long reach and electrical efficiency with the ability to vertically take off and land (VTOL) without additional equipment. We continuously integrate high precision sensors into our systems for increased aerial data intelligence. This way we transform decision making processes for the professional user in both, the commercial and governmental sector.

After starting research in 2008 in the field of autonomous flight systems, the founder team around Florian Seibel successfully completed the first autonomous transition already in 2012.

Our eVTOL fixed-wing systems unite the benefits of helicopters and airplanes in one innovative and patented automatic transition aircraft – what makes them unique. The convenient handling of a helicopter and the efficient aerodynamics of an airplane is combined in one system. Our UAVs can cover an area of up to 700 ha with just one flight. This is by an order of magnitude bigger than a regular multi-rotor drone can cover. Whereas our systems are equally easy to control and to operate.

Florian Seibel

CEO, Quantum-System GmbH

Quantum-Systems Milestones

07 / 2020

Quantum-Systems and Pix4D announce official partnership

Quantum-Systems GmbH and Pix4D have signed a contract to make their partnership official and to ease daily operations for common customers.
Professionals around the globe rely on our eVTOL UAVs and Pix4D’s software suite for collecting and post-processing aerial data. This ads real value to the daily operations of #drone users in many applications!

Quantum-Systems GmbH and Pix4D announce official partnership_2

Quantum-Systems GmbH and Pix4D have signed a contract to make their partnership official and to ease daily operations for common customers.


07 / 2020

Foundation stone laid for the new Quantum System HQs 2022 / 2023

The laying of the foundation stone of our new HQ for 2022 / 2023 just around the corner. Ty @ASTOPark and @ESG_Gruppe for your support! We will continue to grow and are already making the right and important decisions for this!


Foundation stone laid for the new Quantum System HQs 2022 / 2023

Foundation stone laid for the new Quantum System HQs 2022 / 2023

06 / 2020

Drone delivers Covid-19 tests to laboratory in less than seven minutes

Quantum-Systems GmbH tests transport of human medical samples via drones for timely results.

Quantum-Systems’ Trinity F90+ UAV delivers medical samples to LaborBecker in Munich. While there are several laws and regulations to comply with for such a mission, the benefits of drones for time-critical transport are hard to deny.

Drone port at mobile Corona test station at Munich's Theresienwiese

The drone takes off and lands fully automatically from a self-sufficient drone port, that can be permanently stationed close to where needed.

02 / 2020

Partnership with Auterion Government Solutions to access US defense & security market

Integration with Auterion’s Open Source Operating System aligns with DoD’s Group 1 UAS Architecture
The partnership brings together best-in-class sUAS hardware with a secure, scalable, open source, operating system, Auterion OS. Auterion OS is currently employed on an ecosystem of sUAS from small multi-rotors to hybrid VTOL Group 2 air vehicles.

Quantum-Systems and Auterion cooperation

Cooperation of Auterion Government Solutions & Quantum-Systems

09 / 2019

InterGeo 2019 - Product Launch Trinity F90+ UAV

Trinity F90+ UAV with PPK, long range telemetry and ADS-B in & out
Quantum-Systems released the enhanced version of the Trinity F9, the Trinity F90+ today at the Intergeo in Stuttgart. With a flight time of 90+ minutes combined with long range telemetry solution of up to 7.5 km and PPK capabilities for more accuracy. Comprehensive and state-of-the-art features are available on both sides, hardware and software.

Trinity F90+ The mapping drone for professionals

Trinity F90+ UAV –  The mapping drone for professionals

09 / 2019

Product Launch - Tron F90+

Tron F90+ 2KG payload in a fixed-wing PPK capable UAV, ideal for LiDAR use cases
The Tron F90+ is a professional and high-performing electric UAV that offers outstanding efficiency and elegance. The system has been designed to flexibly, quickly, and safely integrate different sensors in order to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

Tron F90+ UAV

Tron F90+ UAV The high payload eVTOL PPK drone

09 / 2019

Official Launch of the mFund Project „FreeRail“

Modernity Fund (mFUND) for project “FreeRail” approved
FreeRail Project – Automated recording of vegetation near the tracks and of storm damage along the Deutsche Bahn network with autonomously operated drones based on the Quantum-Systems Trinity UAV platform.

Recording of the vegetation near the tracks with the autonomously operated Trinity drone

Recording of the vegetation near the tracks with the autonomously operated Trinity UAV (Photo by pixabay Ratfink19739

07 / 2019

Quantum-Systems partnership with Delair.ai

Quantum-Systems’ professional drones are now officially approved for use with Delair.ai

Delair.ai partnership with Quantum-Systems

06 / 2019

Vector & Scorpion UAS Product Release

Quantum-Systems and present UAS world novelty: Vector and Scorpion
Oberpfaffenhofen, Fürstenfeldbruck, 4th of June 2019
Within the framework of the forum “Unmanned Systems” of the Studiengesellschaft DWT, Quantum-Systems GmbH and ESG present with Vector and Scorpion real world novelties in the field of electrically operated, unmanned systems for tactical deployment scenarios.

Vector and Scorpion UAS

Vector % Scorpion UAS

05 / 2019

SANBS „Bloodwing“ Project

SANBS showcases a life-saving drone on the Quantum-Systems Tron UAV platform
Johannesburg, Munich, 29 May 2019 – The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) and Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS) came together at the North Eastern Radio Flyers in Sandton to showcase how they intend to save more lives using drone technology. An important part of the project is of course the drone itself. With the Tron, Quantum Systems is supplying the carrier system for the blood reserves.

SANBS Bloodwing Project

Quantum-Systesm Tron UAV with “Bloodwing-Payload”

03 / 2019

$3M Volume UAV contract signed in India

India will increase the use of professional UAVs in three states
India’s elite surveying organization Survey of India awards India’s first survey grade hybrid #UAV Trinity+ order to India’s oldest surveying instrument company API-Roter Group partnered with Quantum-Systems.

$3M Volume UAV contract signed: India will increase the use of professional UAVs in three states

Sajid Mukhtar (MD, API-Roter Group) with Surveyor General Girish Kumar and Florian Seibel (CEO Quantum System)

01 / 2019

Quantum-Systems supplies drone technology to inspect Deutsche Bahn’s infrastructure

In order to monitor BVLOS (Beyond visual line of sight) infrastructures, DB relies on drones from Quantum-Systems for the “Urban Air Mobility” project in Ingolstadt.

Quantum-Systems Tron used by DB for inspection tasks in 2016

11 / 2018

3rd place @TheSpark Award 2018

The jury was convinced by our vision to use #drones #autonomously in many applications in the near future. We work with passion on this vision, so that “Made in Germany” remains a quality label!

10 / 2018

InterGeo 2018 - Product Launch Trinity F9

InterGeo2018 Frankfurt
Based on the Trinity, Quantum-Systems presented the Trinity F9 at Intergeo 2018. This improved model features PPK and live air traffic information. High-precision recordings are thus possible at an extremely attractive price!

Trinity F9 with PPK, Anti-Collission Lights and Live-Air-Traffic

Trinity F9 with PPK, Anti-Collission Lights and Live-Air-Traffic

02 / 2018

Quantum-Systems continues to grow!

The construction of our new 4 story HQ has begun! In Q2/2020 we will relocate to Dornierstraße 11; 82205 Gilching!

09 / 2017

InterGeo 2017 - Product Launch Trinity

InterGeo2017 Berlin
Quantum-Systems announced the Quantum Trinity, an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). The Trinity-Platform is a high-endurance, vertical take-off and long-range solution with a small form factor and the industrial professional user in mind who demands high quality sensor packages and a flight time up to 60 minutes.


08 / 2017

LiDAR Yellowscan Integration


07 / 2017

Tetracam MACAW + Sony RX1RII Integration

ZALF - customized integration

07 / 2017

1. Platz Münchener Businessplanwettbewerb

baystartup 1st place

07 / 2017

Proof of Concept fuelcell integration Tron H2

In cooperation with EnergyOr


03 / 2017

1st Reseller - Beijing Space Eye Innovation

contracting party

12 / 2016

Maiden Flight Trinity

Quantum-Systems Trinity Maiden Flight

10 / 2016

Intergeo 2016 - Tron Market Release


09 / 2016

RWE 3D reconstruction

RWE lignite opencast Garzweiler 3D reconstruction project

Usecase RWE

08 / 2016

Federal Naval Police flight demonstration

Launching and landing on a moving vessle.

02 / 2016

Flight Test Campaign in Dubai

Four week flight test campaign in Dubai /UAE in cooperation with the Mohamed Bin Rashid Space Center


12 / 2015

Maiden Flight Tron

Maiden flight Tron

08 / 2015

Quantum-Systems moves to new location

After successfully joining the ESA-BIC Incubation Programme, we were able to move from our cramped premises to the aviation cluster in Oberpfaffenhofen. The growth of the company could finally be taken into account and new projects could be started.

How to find and contact Quantum Systems GmbH

05 / 2015

Maiden Flight Quantum VRT

Maiden flight Quantum VRT

02 / 2015

Drones for Good Award 2015 2nd Place

drones for good

01 / 2015

Founding of Quantum-Systems GmbH

Thanks to the close cooperation with the Technical University of Munich and the Chair of Flight System Dynamics, a lucrative development project in the field of Transition Technology emerged at the end of 2014. For this reason and to distinguish itself clearly from the “hobby aviation sector” the Quantum-Systems GmbH was founded in January 2015.

05 / 2012

VTOL Prototype Maiden flight


2012 - 2015

Octocopter system GeoX-8000

The core team of today’s Quantum-Systems GmbH developed and produced the octocopter system GeoX-8000 as a subproject of the Logo-Team UG.

The successful distribution of the GeoX-8000 by the distribution partner Geo-Konzept GmbH ensured the first high investment costs and patent applications of the TFG, Quantum VRT.



Patent application for a transition aircraft

DE 10 2012 104 783.9


Concept idea for a transtition UAV

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