About Quantum-Systems

About Quantum-Systems

Transforming decision-making through aerial data intelligence.

Our vision is to become the global leader in providing aerial data for decision making by the use of our drones.

Drones from Quantum-Systems deliver high-resolution data, which satellites cannot do. We serve the Geospatial, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance sector, selling into multiple industries and to governments around the world.


Our mission at Quantum-Systems is to transform decision-making processes for professionals through aerial data intelligence.

In line with our mission, we solve highly complex and challenging problems for our customers with easy-to-use, highly automated, high-tech drone systems. We strive for continuous simplification in the use of our products so that our customers can achieve their goals more efficiently.

Our products and services are the result of our high development and integration competence, our innovative solution approaches as well as our unique development depth.

We love what we do.

More than 40% of our colleagues are licensed pilots (planes, copters, paragliders, gliders, etc.) and are passionate for flying. Our engineers are driven by the idea of contributing to shape the future of autonomous aviation.

We are professionals.

The Quantum-Systems staff is composed of innovative and passionate professionals striving for excellence. What drives each individual team member forward is idea of bringing technological innovation to our unmanned aircraft systems for the professional user.

We are agile and responsive.

Flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths allow us to respond quickly to customer requests. We observe the market, listen to our customers, and react quickly to new needs. It is our goal to remain agile, responsive, and flexible in everything that we do.

We are now EN 9100 Certified!

As part of our continued commitment to provide exceptional quality service to our customers, we are very proud to have received the EN 9100 certification by DEKRA.

EN 9100:2018 will open up new opportunities for Quantum-Systems and help to grow our business around the world.

Company Policy

The innovative technology and high-quality standard of our drone systems are the most important cornerstones for the economic safeguarding of our company, our competitiveness, and the continuous development of new markets. The term “quality” is demonstrated not only by the quality of our products, but also in the quality of our processes and organization. Therefore, quality is regarded as the leading success factor followed strongly by partnership and efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our quality policy is the fundamental part of our corporate strategic planning and should rather be understood as our corporate policy. Its central element is to sustain long-term and successful cooperation with our customers. Maintaining the high-quality standards of our products for commercial and governmental applications which are certified and approved by regulatory obligations has been one of the key criteria in providing our customers with confidence in their purchasing decisions. We aspire to operate as a professional organization with defined structures and processes by utilizing the quality management system (PMBD), this forms the necessary framework for this.

We therefore commit ourselves to the following corporate principles:

1. Customers and Partners

We attach great importance to knowing our customers’ needs, entering direct exchange with them and building long-term partnerships. This is how we ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

2. Knowledge

We use the mutual synergy effects between the commercial and governmental applications to continuously improve the efficiency and performance of our systems. We promote our own mutual knowledge transfer by intentionally not differentiating internally between the two different business areas.

3. Innovation

The nucleus of today’s organization was one innovative idea. Innovation is still the driving force behind all our technological developments to bring added value to the customer.

4. Team Performance

Our enthusiasm for technology and aviation combined with our willingness to perform and a high degree of responsibility unites us to form a compelling and motivated team. We utilize this strong connection in our daily work. This is a guarantee for ours and our customers’ joint success.

5. Corporate Culture

Flat hierarchies, an open exchange and fun in our daily work as well as in joint projects determine our corporate culture. It enables us to fully develop our individual talents and strengths and to contribute them profitably.

6. Leadership

Every employee has a right to competent leadership. The top management as well as the level of team leads understand leadership as a service to their areas of responsibility. A motivating working atmosphere ensures the basic prerequisite for achieving the goals of our organization. The top leaders assume the responsibility of always ensuring that the interests of all stakeholders are met.

The Management Team and Founders of Quantum-Systems GmbH

By means of the founding team’s diversity, Quantum-Systems manages to combine extensive experience and expertise from all relevant areas of unmanned aerial systems.

The visionary and initiator Florian Seibel formed the core team around him in 2011. Florian Seibel and Dr. Michael Kriegel got to know each other during their PhD work at the Chair of Flight Systems Dynamics at the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich. As early as 2012, they registered the patent for a vertically launchable unmanned transition aircraft under the patent number DE201210104783. A short time later, Tobias Kloss and Armin Busse joined the team. After they founded Quantum-Systems GmbH in January 2015 the turnover and the number of employees grew continuously with double-digit percentage growth. All four founders are holding active positions within Quantum-Systems GmbH. 

Florian Seibel

Florian Seibel

Co-Founder & CEO

Armin Busse

Armin Busse

Co-Founder & COO

Frank Thieser

Frank Thieser


Discover our eVTOL innovation

A drone is a drone? It’s not that simple.


The Quantum-Systems eVTOL fixed-wing sUAS unite the convenient handling of a multi-rotor drone and the efficient aerodynamics of an airplane into one system – making them unique.  

“Automatic transition aircraft” is how Quantum-Systems calls this innovative and patented category of dronesAfter the vertical take-off and reaching the desired flight altitude, the drone has a short phase of transition. During this transition phase, the rotors, driven by electric motors, swivel from the vertical take-off position to a horizontal flight position. The patent for this innovative swivel mechanism and the unique transition technology was granted in 2012. 

Our sUAS fly as efficiently as a fixed-wing airplanbut allow for the easy vertical take-off and landing like a multi-rotor drone. No runway and no extra equipment are needed for take-off or landingThey land smoothly and controlled on their shock absorbing landing gear. This means reduced harm on the sUAS and sensors for an extended product life. 

All our systems are designedengineered and manufactured in Germany. We operate out of our Headquarter in Gilching, close to Munich 


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