New QBase 3D Version now available for all drone pilots!

We released the newest version of our ground control station software QBase 3D. This version is packed with new functionality, focusing especially on user accounts.

The update is free for all users of QBase 3D! So we can guarantee that every user always has the latest features available.

If you are thinking about using QBase 3D or want to get an overview of the user interface, we suggest you visit our YouTube channel in addition to the possibility to download a full version of QBase 3D from our website.

The latest version includes a new account structure as well as a new KML manager. For more information about these features, please see the latest manual which will be downloaded to your local hard drive with the new QBase version. Alternatively, you can find the manual here. Please find the complete list of new features and changes below.

New features:

  • Reduced mission file size
  • Added support for Chinese and German language
  • Added warning graphics for mission checks
  • Added mission synchronization across devices for logged-in users
  • Added user account feature
  • Added new KML Manager

​KML Manager: Import and manage more KML files and element types than ever before

    • Parallel display of multiple KML files
    • Selection of sub elements for conversion to Areas, Corridors or no-fly zones
    • Editable display style of loaded KML files

General updates:

  • Improved mismatch solver tool
  • Added local session time to post processing
  • Changed lidar calibration altitude to “above max”.
  • Changed output of iBase converter to Rinex 2.11
  • Limited transition altitude with Qube240 to 30 m
  • Added camera channels to PGT files
  • Added warning before allowing manual trigger during flight
  • Improved performance of background tasks
  • Added cancel option for post processing jobs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed advanced terrain following bug, where last waypoint was at fixed altitude
  • Fixed rounding in CSV for small PPK accuracies
  • Fixed space-character bug of folder names for the iBase converter
  • Fixed post processing issues in case of image name overflow for RX1 images
  • Increased stability of post processing workflow
  • Fixed missing PPK accuracy data if PPK Flylog (.ppf) directly selected for job
  • Fixed deletion of PP_TEMP folder



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