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Combined with the latest addition to the product portfolio – the Trinity – Quantum-Systems acquires new strategic partnerships with distributors worldwide. The latest one being QuantAir.

“We see a huge potential for our products in the chinese market and with professional partnerships like QuantAir we will be able to offer our sophisticated products to professional UAV customers all over the world”, says Armin Busse, CFO of Quantum-Systems GmbH.

The Trinity-Platform is a high-endurance, vertical take-off and long-range solution with a small form factor and the industrial professional user in mind who demands high quality sensor packages and a flight time up to 60 minutes.
It is the second UAV produced by Quantum-Systems after the launch of the Quantum Tron in 2016.

“With our first UAV, the Tron, we already integrated different payloads like LiDAR scanners, multispectral camera rigs and RGB sensors.” elaborates CEO Florian Seibel. “ We see the need of our customers to find a solution for their specific mission configuration. That is why we release the Payload Compartment of the Trinity-Platform as an open source option for everyone interested.”

In order to offer these integrated services to our customers we at Quantum-Systems rely on professional partners to offer a seamless communication and time efficient processes to deliver a quality product to the end user.

QuantAir about the business partnership:

“As a distributor of Quantum-Systems GmbH in China, QuantAir commits itself to providing top-of-the-line solutions and excellent customer service for professional UAV applications in China. In the past five years, China has seen rapid growth in UAV industry and the UAV market has also been further subdivided. With the UAV technology growing and maturing, more and more professional users have shifted their focus from finding “a UAV” to finding “the UAV”.

Safety issue is one of the most crucial concern in aviation solutions. With the rapid development of microelectronics and intelligent hardware & control software, we can see on the market more and more systems and solutions emerging to cater for special applications.

The VTOL automatic transition UAV from Quantum-Systems is the epitome of them. Its TRON and TRINITY combine the advantages of long endurance, long range and large coverage from a fixed-wing and VTOL flexibility and environmental adaptability from a quadcopter. Products with these features will no doubt be a game-changing solution for applications like surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, emergency response, and monitoring etc.

The first test flights were very successful and we have several demo requests coming in already! We are very confident that together with Quantum-Systems, we can achieve great success and provide most powerful UAV solutions to customers in China.”

PPK combined with the advantages of an eVTOL fixed-wing UAV with a class-leading flight time up to 90 minutes and long range telemetry.


Flexible and enduring, the 2in1 System provides flight and surveillance characteristics that are exceeding performance of current UAS platforms in service all over the world.

QBase 3D is the easiest way to pre-plan an aerial mission for Quantum-Systems UAVs 

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